Mughal Mahal Restaurant

mughal mahal
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Phone: +1 (905) 678-6666
Address: 7071 Airport Rd, Mississauga, ON L4T 4J3

Mughal Mahal Restaurant has been serving North Indian cuisine since 1990. They use traditional recipes to make their wonderful dishes. To create unique flavours for their dishes this restaurant uses over 30 different spices for a complex flavour profile. You’ll find that everything is served fresh here from the curries to the naan. Their dishes are a must-try if you find yourself in Mississauga.
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This is a vibrant restaurant with trendy decor and lighting. You’ll find the floors and some of the walls are made from hardwood. The grey cushioned chairs are comfy and a perfect match with the darker-toned tables. During the day you’ll find the open windows around the restaurant providing an ample amount of natural lighting. There are wood-panelled dividers in this restaurant to give booths more privacy as well.
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Samosas are a great appetizer at this restaurant. You get to choose between chicken, goat or vegetable samosa. The veg samosas are stuffed with peas and potatoes. While the chicken ones use tandoori chicken, onions, coriander and other spices for their flavour. The Keema samosa is stuffed with minced goat meat peas and spices. All these samosas are great food options to choose from.
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A must-try dish at this restaurant is the kabab roll. This is a mouthwatering dish that’ll come with two kabab rolls. Each roll is stuffed with onions, carrots, and chutney. You get to choose between goat or chicken for the kabab. This is a dish that can be eaten on the go for a quick lunch. Kabab Rolls are a popular street food item in India because it’s quick to order and always comes out tasting amazing.
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Enjoy your meal with some creamy mango lassi. This drink is made in-house with yogurt and mango puree. As a staple sweet drink, it is the perfect accompaniment to any meal. This rich drink is the perfect way to cool off after a spicy meal. Mangos are naturally sweet but this drink takes it up a level. Mango Lassi can be thicker than expected but they are a worthwhile beverage to try here.
Mughal Mahal Restaurant is a good place to go for beautifully presented food. They have some great halal options to choose from as well. The price ranges from $9 – $12 at this place with some mouthwatering dishes to enjoy.

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