Nick Famous shawarmas

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Address: 15440 Bayview Ave, Aurora, ON L4G 7J1 
Phone: +19055032890 

If you’re searching for a halal shawarma place in Aurora, Nick Famous Shawarmas is the place to go. This local joint is located inside Aurora Center and has a laid-back vibe where they serve tasty shawarmas, among other Lebanese dishes. The restaurant is a well-known spot for its delicious hummus, which goes well with every meal. Come to Nick Famous Shawarmas if you want to enjoy a tasty and filling lunch prepared with the freshest ingredients and cooked in the true Mediterranean style.
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The restaurant’s décor is simple, with large windows to let in natural light. The classic furniture seatings are comfortable and ideal for a group outing as you enjoy their famous hummus served alongside pita bread at your table! No matter whether it be dine-in or takeout; this place has all of your needs covered, so stop on by soon before they run out. Their open kitchen also means that every meal comes fresh off the grill – no more worrying about who cooked what when there’s nothing but delicious smells throughout the store.
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The shawarma at this restaurant is not only tasty but also massive. The chef mixes all the ingredients together in one bowl to give the sauces and toppings perfect consistency with a hint of sour lemon flavour! If you want more kick, try their garlic sauce; if not there’s always hummus which has just enough zing from fresh parsley for your taste buds – it might be worth checking out both options before deciding on something specific since they’re seriously good eats no matter what choice you make.
Other Lebanese meals to try include the chicken kebab plate, which is juicy and tender and pairs well with the garlic sauce. If you’re looking for a light meal to accompany your meal, try their Greek salad with delicious sauce where the pits of the olives were removed so customers could eat it effortlessly. Also, don’t forget to taste their fresh baklava, which is delish.
The garlic sauce may be too thick for people who do not love thick sauces, yet nothing compares to the flavour. The restaurant is open seven days a week, except on Sundays, from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m.
If you’re looking for a new restaurant to try, check out Nick Famous Shawarmas. They have something that’ll go perfectly with your mood and taste buds! The menu has Uber Eat options as well so no need to get too worked up about what’s on their dine-in list because there are plenty of take-out meals available too.

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