Original Shawarma


Address: 750 Spadina Ave. Unit 2, Toronto, ON M5S 2J2 
Phone:  ​​+16473332999

Original Shawarma is located in the Bloor Annex neighbourhood, only steps from Spadina Station. This shawarma joint is the place to go if you want the finest shawarma platter that is not only the best looking but also very tasty and filling. The restaurant is a fast food place that serves popular grab-and-go orders and has locations in Toronto, Mississauga, and Montreal. They create their dishes with freshly handpicked ingredients, including the best halal meats to provide the distinct hearty flavour of the meal that many Torontonians enjoy. The restaurant is gaining popularity both within and outside of the city, so come taste the authentic shawarma flavour and discover what all the buzz is about.
shawarma 3
Instagram/ @hannahxoxo.foodie
The restaurant’s interior has a buzzing vibe, with cooks racing around slicing meat from spinning grillers. The inside of the restaurant is small and not much different from the average shawarma restaurant in town. The restaurant features Moroccan wall tiles covering the entire open kitchen and bright lighting thanks to the large windows. The restaurant also has patios for those who enjoy eating outside in the summer.
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Even though several restaurants have delicious chicken shawarma, Original Shawarma joint, too, has topped the list. Their chicken shawarma is a must-try, with the chicken cooked to perfection, right texture and spice without being too chewy. They also don’t hold back with their stuffing of fresh vegetables, and their delicious sauce rounds up the delectable meal. Their crispy fries are the best side dish that goes with their meal, and you can top it off with cold pop for a fast refresher.
The pricing of shawarma for family platters depends on the kilogram, starting at $16.99 for ¼ KG chicken shawarma.  It’s also worth noting that the meats included in your shawarma are lamb and veal. The price seems on the high side, but it’s certainly worth it for the serving size and tasty flavour.
Original Shawarma is the place to go if you want to try a new shawarma location that serves excellent shawarmas cooked with passion and expertise. The shawarma establishment is becoming a popular destination for excellent wraps and great for a filling lunch that can be enjoyed with both family and friends, and it should surely be on your list of best restaurants.

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