Paradise Shawarma

paradise shawarma
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Address: 5451 Hwy 7, Woodbridge, ON L4L 0B2 
Phone: +19056058222

If you’re looking for the best halal shawarma in the GTA, Paradise Shawarma should be on your list. The restaurant opened in 2017 and has provided dishes ranging from falafels to kebabs, but their shawarmas are unmatched. With a decade of research, Paradise has perfected the art of creating excellent tasting menu options to give customers healthier alternatives to processed and fast foods. Paradise has two locations in Woodbridge and Scarborough, offering a relaxed dining experience. Come and enjoy the most authentic Mediterranean taste.
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Like most shawarma restaurants in the city, Paradise Shawarma features a dining area that is not too fancy. The restaurant has a homey feel with clean, classic furniture and minimal decor. There is a comfortable limited dining area suitable for pair or group dinners and a self-service drink fridge.
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Paradise restaurant’s specialty is all-from-scratch dishes and sauces created with organic and natural ingredients. The meat is halal and locally sourced. The restaurant prepares the dishes with extreme care for hygiene, and each staff member wears gloves that are changed regularly.
Try the beef shawarma if you want to try a cuisine that will wow you. The meat is tender and flavourful with just the proper amount of spice, and their homemade garlic sauce is served on the side to round out the flavour.
The “shawarma ‘n the fries” meal is also a must-try. This meal is served with loads of fries, shawarma chicken, and a mouthwatering white and spicy sauce. If you’re hungry, they have a wonderful deal of 2 Shawarma Sandwiches for $10.99 and grab a cold ginger ale to refresh and aid your digestion after a heavy meal.
There is typically a long waiting period, even on non-busy days. But hey, all excellent dishes take time.
Paradise Shawarma is a hidden gem in the city that will not disappoint. If you enjoy halal and traditional Mediterranean cuisine, there is no better place to start than Paradise. Come and enjoy the delights; you’ll be back for more after just one bite.

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