Phat Kaphrao

Phat Kaphrao
Yelp/Dan L.

Address: 3016B Bathurst St, North York
Phone: (416) 789-4085

Phat Kaprao is a trendy Thai restaurant on Bathurst St & Lawrence Ave in North York. This restaurant is a place to grab some cheap & extremely flavourful Thai Street foods. “Phat” is the Thai word used for stir-frying, and Kaprao is the name of a type of basil that grows in Thailand. The dishes served here definitely live up to its name!
Phat Kaphrao
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Since this is more of a takeout spot the space is quite limited, there are only a few bar stools for those who wish to eat in. The interior is nicely designed with brick veneers and wooden accents, as well as an ample amount of plantlife decorating the restaurant. The style of this restaurant is like many other Thai takeout spots, where you order at the counter and the food is given to you in plastic containers with lids which you can open or close as needed.
There is a variety of items on the menu, which includes: appetizers, salads, noodles, curries and rice dishes. The prices are very cheap and affordable at $12.95 for the entrees, and they also have daily lunch specials from 11 am – 3 pm where you’ll get to choose an entree, your choice of protein, and it comes with soup or pop.
Phat Kaphrao 3
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Their Traditional Street Style Pad Thai is a go-to favourite for many, the noodles are stir-fried with beansprouts, green onion, and egg in their special tamarind sauce. When you order your pad Thai you get to choose between beef, chicken, seafood or shrimp as your protein. The pad Thai sauce has a mixture of sweet and sour, so it’s not overly spicy or overwhelming.
Phat Kaphrao 2
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Another dish I would definitely recommend trying is the Phat Kaphrao. The Kra Pao basil leaves are fried with minced meat and the holy trinity of Thai cooking: garlic, chilli, and shallots. Again you will have your choice of protein for this dish. There is only a slight spiciness to this dish so it’s not too spicy, but more flavourful with a hint of heat. However, if you want more spice you can also ask for more chillies to be added.
Phat Kaphrao1
Yelp/Billy L.
For drink/dessert, definitely go for their Coconut Smoothie ($4.95). For many, this may seem like an odd flavour but it’s actually very refreshing, with thin slices of coconut meat in the drink itself. If you are someone who likes creamy drinks then this is something that shouldn’t be missed.
Phat Kaphrao has quick service, cheap prices, and extremely flavourful Thai street food. Although the space is limited the atmosphere is comfortable enough to enjoy your meal in or have it as takeout. If you are looking for something that’s not too spicy but more flavourful then definitely come here!

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