Pii Nong Thai

Pii Nong Thai
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Address: 1677 Bayview Ave, East York
Phone: (416) 322-8828

Pii Nong Thai is a trendy Thai restaurant located in East York. A cool history about the restaurant is owned by the renowned Chef Nana who had worked at the famous Khao San Road in downtown Toronto. Pii Nong Thai is not hard to miss thanks to its fashionable and vivid sign. This place often gets packed with hungry customers who are craving their delicious authentic Thai cuisines.
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The interior of the restaurant has a casual and relaxed atmosphere. The dining room has a beautiful Thai aesthetic and traditional feel to it with its dark wooden interior and muted walls. The restaurant is decorated with a bunch of interesting photos that have been hung neatly on the wall. The décor is light and modern with a predominant warm colour scheme.
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The menu is quite extensive with various different types of Thai dishes including appetizers, salads, soups, noodles, rice dishes, curries, vegetarian options and desserts. Prices are pretty reasonable and portions are generous. The menu has detailed descriptions for every dish which is great if you are new to Thai cuisine.
A great appetizer to start with is the Crispy Chicken Spring Rolls. These perfectly fried rolls are bursting with flavours. The spring rolls are crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. It is also accompanied with a sweet chilli sauce to give it an extra kick.
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For the entree, the Pad Kra Pao ($14) is a must. The dish is stir-fried with spicy basil chilli, bell pepper, red chilli, broccoli and topped off with a fried egg. The plate has a very fragrant aroma and the taste is absolutely wonderful. The basil leaf is extremely aromatic and it is the reason why you should always order this dish when having Thai food.
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If you are looking for something a little more healthy, a great dish is the Thai Chili Basil Eggplant ($15). The eggplant is cooked to perfection and it has a nice smoky taste. It is paired with some other veggies including red pepper, soybean paste, basil, and onions. The dish has a delicious balance of sweet and spicy taste associated with Thai food.
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For dessert, the Pii Nong Mango Sticky Rice($11) is a must-try. Pii Nong takes this popular Thai dish to another level with four distinct flavours of sweet coconut sticky rice: pandan leaves, butterfly pea flower, turmeric, and Thai ice tea. Served with a mango rose and fresh coconut sauce on the side. Not only is this dish visually pleasing but it is also very tasty. You will be surprised with the various assortment of flavours, especially when paired together in one mouthful.
Pii Nong Thai is a charming restaurant that offers tasty and authentic Thai cuisine. The dishes are made with fresh ingredients and the staff are friendly and helpful. The interior of the restaurant is pretty casual and it has a nice atmosphere to have a quiet dinner. Best of all, the price is quite reasonable for the food with such quality.

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