Pita Boss

pita boss
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Phone: +1 (416) 516-2677
Address: 1566 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6P 1A4

Pita Boss has the best shawarma in town. You’ll find this restaurant in the Greater Toronto Area serving some high-quality dishes. But if you’d like to try something different this place has some great daily specials as well. Visit for a dine-in or for a quick meal on the go. You can rest assured that this place has halal and vegetarian options to choose from to accommodate everyone’s food preferences.
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What’s not to like about this place? The decor is charming with its wood-panelled walls and flooring. You can catch a bit of sunlight from the large windows while you sit there, or catch the game on the tv by the front of the store! They also have plenty of overhead lighting which gives off an inviting glow but gets brighter thanks to those natural rays coming through the windows all around us.
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There are so many delicious dishes to choose from at this place but the shawarma poutine served here is phenomenal. The chicken comes straight from the slow-cooked rotisserie giving it the trademark flavour. This dish comes with some salty fries and is topped with cheese curds and thick gravy. The chicken comes in bite-sized pieces and absorbs some of the gravy as well making for a juicier meal.
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If you’re just looking for a light snack why not enjoy some falafel balls with hummus. The balls are made with grounded chickpeas, parsley and other spices. The dish is then drizzled with a bit of tahini sauce. If you’d like more flavour to the dish you could get it with a side of hummus. The hummus is also made with ground chickpeas but you’ll also find that lemon juice, garlic, tahini and olive oil are added to give the sauce its taste.
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If you’re looking for a filling but delicious meal we recommend trying the mixed dinner. The dish comes with thinly sliced pieces of chicken and beef. They were seasoned with the restaurant’s specialty spices to give the meat that burst of flavour. This dish is served with some rice and greek salad. It also comes with your choice of lemon potatoes or fries. The potatoes are roasted and come with garlic sauce while the fries are crispy and salty.
Pita Boss is a must-try for Mediterranean food. They have the best selection of dishes from their menu as well as daily specials if you’re looking to save some money without sacrificing taste! Every bite of these plates will give your taste buds an explosion, so come try them out today!

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