Pita Golden Pocket

pita golden pocket
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Address: 2104 Hwy 7 w unit # 2, Concord, ON L4K 2S9
Phone: +1 (905) 532-0405

Pita Golden Pocket is a counter-serve shop in Vaughan. They serve halal food and have a lot of vegetarian options to choose from as well. Whether you’re looking to get shawarma or a salad this place has you covered. The portion sizes here are huge and the food is definitely worth the price here. This place doesn’t have an extensive menu but they focus on making sure the dishes they do serve are high quality.  
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This is a great place to visit for a quick lunch. The shop has a bustling atmosphere and can get pretty crowded during the lunch rush. You’ll find it easy to order at the counter as there are pictures displaying the menu options at the front. The fridge to the side also has a variety of drinks to choose from. At Pita Golden Palace, what you see is what you get. Which makes it all the more fun to see chefs cooking through the open kitchen.
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The reason why this place is so popular is because of their chicken shawarma wrap. Since the chicken is roasted slowly for hours, it really enhances the flavour of the meat and gives the chicken a nice crust on the outside and while being tender on the inside. This works well with the lettuce, tomatoes, and other sauces used in this wrap. You’ll find this dish is stuffed to the brim with meat and vegetables.
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Another great item to try is the freshly made falafel plates. You get to choose a medium or large size when it comes to this dish. The deep-fried falafel balls are seasoned well with herbs and spices. They also have an aroma to them which makes every bite of the dish that much more delicious. You can enjoy this dish with the variety of vegetables added in for a mixture of flavour and crunch.
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Enjoy your meal with one of the many drinks served at this shop. You have your choice of carbonated sodas, fruity drinks or just plain water to quench your thirst. This place has a lot of mango drink options to choose from and we recommend giving it a try as the beverage is sweet and has an exotic taste. Plus it’ll go well with whatever food you order here.
Pita Golden Pocket is a good place for Middle Eastern cuisine. It has some solid options when it comes to the menu. Plus you’ll always get more than what you paid for at this shop. This family-run restaurant has decades of experience making delicious dishes.

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