Pita & Grill

pita and grill
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Phone: +1 (905) 602-5252
Address: 1275 Eglinton Ave E #62b, Mississauga, ON L4W 2Z2

When you’re feeling adventurous and looking for a new restaurant to try, Pita & Grill will not disappoint. This Middle Eastern counter-style shop in Mississauga has some of the most delicious halal food around! You can choose from their fresh falafels right off the menu or if they aren’t quite what your taste buds desire then there’s always kabobs that are sure to hit it outta park.
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The restaurant has spacious seating for groups and solo dining. The windows are open during the day, allowing natural light to come in, while at night you can see colourful lights on them that add even more atmosphere! A bright red carpet welcomes guests into this modern space where some tables have dividers so couples may enjoy their meal in peace or chat amongst friends without being too loud about it either.
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The falafel wrap is a great choice for any vegetarian dish. For only $6.50, you get crispy and savoury meat with tomatoes served in a warm sandwich bread that will fill your stomach without breaking its bank account! The best part about these wraps? They’re portable; so whether you want it at home or on the go, you always have something to enjoy.
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A filling dish to try here would be the Rock N Fries. The golden fries come out of the kitchen very crispy and can hold their crispness even when doused in creamy, garlicky sauce or hit with their homemade hot sauce! With only $12.49 for this generously portioned meal you really won’t want anything else tonight.
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The beef souvlaki dinner is great if you enjoy meat. The grilling really does help to give the dish an amazing crisp on top, and juicy interior that will fill your stomach with flavour from start to finish! You may also note a hint of garlic in its spices – so it pairs well alongside other dishes too.
Pita & Grill has some really nice options when it comes to food because they have a menu for children as well as adults. This vibrant Middle Eastern restaurant is a great place to visit if you’re looking for aromatic flavourful halal dishes in Toronto.

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