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Phone: +1 (905) 477-7482
Address: 7605 Woodbine Ave, Markham, ON L3R 5V3

This is a Middle Eastern restaurant that serves some delicious halal cuisine. It’s the perfect spot for people looking to get their shawarma fix, as they have an amazing selection of meats and vegetables from which you can choose! The atmosphere inside also is nothing short of fantastic–it has such inviting decor coupled with warm lighting accents throughout, making it hard not stop once you walk in.
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The menu is out on full display at this shop. While making a decision, you’ll notice many of the food options served here are counter-style meals. After you make your choice, if you choose to dine in you’ll find this shop is spacious enough to accommodate a lot of people. Pitalicious tries to give a cozy atmosphere with wood-panelled counters, marbled tables and black chairs. They use dark colours to help the store stand out.
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A must-try here is the shawarma wrap. You can choose to get the chicken, beef or a mix of the two if you’re feeling adventurous. The pita bread is filled with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and other vegetables. This works well with the flavourful meat and sauces used. For only $10.95, you get a savoury filling meal that is both colourful and mouth-wateringly good. If you’d like something bigger the Shawarma Platter comes with a side of rice, potatoes and a salad.
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Pitalicious has fantastic vegetarian offerings like their Pita Combo. For $15, you can get crispy falafels served with house salad and hummus to go along with it! The baba ghanouj is a great dip for this dish – just make sure not to skimp on the garlic because of its salty savoury taste. Alongside those delectable ingredients, there are pickles galore that add crunch as well; they really help bring all these flavours together in one mouth-watering experience worth remembering.
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If you’d like something light to go with the meal why not try their house-made lemonade. This drink is sweet and comes with a hint of mint in every sip. You’ll also find real lemon pieces floating at the top of the drink. But what makes this drink great is that it can be enjoyed with any of the dishes at the store. This is because lemons have a strong taste and it helps bring out the flavour in other dishes as well.
Pitalicious is the perfect spot for Mediterranean cuisine. Whether you’re looking to indulge in something small like a bowl of soup or shawarma platter, they’ve got it all with tons of fun options that will leave your taste buds satisfied!

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