Pizza Land Halal

Pizza Land Halal has always been a family favourite when it comes to halal pizza in Toronto. This family-owned restaurant has been serving Toronto with delicious Eastern and Western cuisine since 1998. Many would consider Pizza Land Halal to be one of the best Halal pizza joints in the city, as they are renowned for their fresh and tasty pizza.
Photo by @pizzalandhalal
When it comes to pizza, Pizza Land Halal has it figured out. They use just the right portions of toppings, sauce, crust, and cheese which gives you a perfect slice every time. When you visit be sure to try their chicken, mushroom, and green pepper pizza, which offer the perfect balance of flavours that will leave you wanting more.
Photo by @pizzalandhalal
Besides pizza, they also serve up some delicious roast chicken, wings, shish taouk, burgers, and more. If you are looking for value, get the pizza & wings combo where you can get a large pizza and 14 wings, plus free garlic dipping sauce for around $26.00.
Photo by Rami E
When it comes to their space, Pizza Land Halal offers a more family-friendly environment compared to most pizza spots. The booths they provide are spacious and offer plentiful seating to accommodate families of 3-5. Their dimly lit lights complement well with the late-night pizza vibe, making it a great spot to hang out with your friends.

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