Pride Events that are Happening This Week in Toronto

As we all know, the city of Toronto plays a major role in inclusivity and diversity among its people. We have people from all around the globe who come to Toronto for a better quality of life, along with the LGBTQ+ community who need to be heard, understood and unified. In order to appreciate our LGBTs of Toronto, we hold a Pride month which is in this month where several events are held to observe, love and appreciate the LGBTQ+ community.
Here are 7 events that are happening in Pride this week in Toronto:

1) BIPOC Healing Circle

Photo by Pride Toronto
On June 8th at 6pm-7pm EDT on ZOOM, a BIPOC Healing Circle will be held for 2SLGBTQ+ members to share thoughts and emotions and for a safe and secure healing session amongst the members of the group. In accordance with Pride, these therapeutic sessions help to expand togetherness of the people and openness so that members of the community feel closer to one another and are able to face certain hardships they have dealt with in their lives concerning their sexual orientation with family, society and more.

2) Speak, Surge, Amplify: Speaking in Our Voices, in partnership with Harbourfront Centre

Photo by Pride Toronto
On June 9th from 12pm-1pm EDT, Tanya Neumeyer facilitates a session which emphasizes the power of the spoken word. The attendees will be led by Tanya and prompted to speak from the hearts, minds and bodies of the inner person. Members of the group will be encouraged to express themselves in their authentic voices which will allow them to create and identify their true potential and inner selves.

3) Have a Nice Pride

Photo by Pride Toronto
June 10th from 12pm-12:45pm EDT, there will be a 45 minute journey of movement, breathing and exercise in the name of empowerment, self acceptance and love. This exercise allows members to physically explore themselves on the Pilates mat and share experiences of enhanced strengthening, stability, alignment and posture. This is a free 2SLGBTQ+ community event for members to feel together and stay together!

4) Sipz and Snax

Photo by Pride Toronto
Of course, nothing brings people together like good food! We are inviting members of the LGBTQ+ community to join a 2SLGBTQ+ mixologist every week to pick and pair some of our favourite foods and drinks! Members would be walked through a delicious drink and snack pairing. What a great way to end the week? Nothing beats a good snack and a drink, together with good conversation! Join us on June 11th at 4pm-5pm EDT on IGTV and YouTube.

5) Writing a Cover Letter – Queer Career Workshops

Photo by Pride Toronto
Come along with career educator, Erin Brockobic. Erin will guide attendees through the intimidating place of traditional career development spaces which may not consider queer or trans-identities. You will be taught to write smashing resumes, prepare cover letters and ace interviews. Hit all of your career goals and more on June 12th at 12pm-1pm EDT.

6) Courageous Conversations: Today’s 2SLGBTQ+ Youth, Tomorrow’s Thought Leaders

Photo by Pride Toronto
Held on June 13th at 1pm-4pm EDT, the Pride Toronto’s Youth Conference is calling all youths between the ages of 14-18 to join us to learn more about self-care within leadership, imagining a Queer future and building an anti-racist society. The conference is held so that students in the community can learn valuable attributes to bring back to their school when completed. Be sure to join us on ZOOM this coming Sunday for more!

7) Queer Shopping Channel

Photo by Pride Toronto
On Monday June 14th at 4pm EST on IGTV and YouTube, prepare for mind blown products that are created by our 2SLGBTQ+ makers and an unforgettable un-boxing in our online vendor market by Mango D’Licious! There would be tons you wouldn’t want to miss!
There you have it! You wouldn’t want to miss our crazy fun-packed schedule filled with exciting and unforgettable new events! Join us this summer season so we can start the extravaganza!