A New Way to Protect Your Car From Theft in Toronto

Auto theft is a growing concern right here in Toronto, affecting countless residents each year. Recent findings from the Canadian Finance and Leasing Association are especially alarming, revealing that in 2022, a whopping 9,606 vehicles were stolen in our city.

We’ll dive into the numbers, providing you with eye-opening statistics about the scale of this issue. More importantly, we’ll share valuable tips for protecting your car and preventing theft. Whether you’re a long-time Toronto resident or new to the city, these insights will help you safeguard your vehicle and contribute to a safer community. Let’s explore auto theft in Toronto and learn how to keep our cars and neighborhoods secure in 2023.

TPS Crime Statistics – Auto Theft

Ontario's Top Stolen Car Models

During the first half of 2023, car thieves in Ontario have shown a distinct preference for certain vehicle models. The top 10 stolen cars in the region during this period include Jeep Wranglers/Gladiators, Toyota Highlanders (particularly targeted and sought-after), Honda CRVs, Dodge Ram Trucks, Land Rovers, Lexus SUVs, Ford F-150s, Acura RDXs, Durangos, and Toyota RAV4s. Notably, Toyota Highlanders have emerged as a prime focus for car thieves, with 29 reported thefts in Kitchener-Waterloo alone. This concerning trend has prompted the Waterloo regional police to issue specific warnings to Highlander owners, underscoring the importance of proactive measures and heightened vigilance to protect these popular car models from theft.

What Is Ontario Doing to Combat Auto Theft?

MPP Christine Hogarth, Ontario’s parliamentary assistant to the solicitor general, shares important steps taken by the Ontario government in 2023 to combat auto theft:

  • Investment in Anti-Organized Crime Team: In 2023, Ontario allocated $51 million to establish a team, led by the OPP, dedicated to dismantling organized crime involvement in auto theft.
  • Community Grant for Auto Theft: A new grant, introduced in 2023, provides funding to the OPP and municipal police for three years, enhancing resources to combat auto theft in communities.
  • Major Auto Theft Prosecution Team: In response to the auto theft landscape in 2023, a specialized legal team was created to support law enforcement in prosecuting complex auto theft cases.

Tips for Vehicle Owners to Prevent Theft

When it comes to safeguarding your vehicle against theft in Toronto, there are various proactive steps you can take, both as a vehicle owner and as part of the broader community. When it comes to safeguarding your vehicle against theft in Toronto, a combination of smart choices and security measures can go a long way. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of key prevention and security measures:

Anti-Theft Devices and Technology:

  • Approved Vehicle Alarm System: Invest in an approved vehicle alarm system that can deter potential thieves with loud sirens and flashing lights.
  • Steering Wheel Lock: Consider installing a steering wheel lock, a visible deterrent that makes it exceptionally difficult for thieves to drive your car.
  • Car Immobilizer: Use a high-quality car immobilizer that prevents the engine from starting without the proper key or transponder, rendering your vehicle useless to would-be thieves.
  • GPS Tracking System: Install a GPS tracking system to increase the chances of recovery if your vehicle is stolen. This technology can help authorities pinpoint the location of your vehicle.

Safe Driving Habits:

  • Valuable Items: Avoid leaving valuable items in plain sight inside your vehicle, as they can attract thieves. Stow them in the trunk or take them with you.
  • Social Media Caution: Don’t advertise your whereabouts or travel plans on social media, especially when going on extended trips. Broadcasting your absence can make your vehicle a target.

Parking and Security Measures:

  • Well-Lit and Populated Areas: Choose well-lit and populated areas for parking, especially during nighttime. Visibility and the presence of witnesses can deter thieves.
  • Secure Parking Facilities: Whenever possible, use secure parking facilities or garages. These provide an added layer of protection against theft.
  • Engine Running: Avoid leaving your car running and unattended, even for a short time. Opportunistic thieves can strike quickly.
  • Motion-Activated Lights: Consider installing motion-activated lights around your home’s parking area. These lights can startle potential thieves and draw attention to their presence.

A new way to protect your car from theft in Toronto

When it comes to protecting your vehicle from theft in Toronto, innovative solutions are on the rise, and one of the most effective options involves installing a high-security telescopic security bollard right on your domestic driveway. Not only does it act as a powerful deterrent against would-be thieves, but it also provides an additional layer of safety for your car.

Installing a Telescopic Security Post DIY

Now, let’s delve into the step-by-step process of installing this robust security measure:
  1. Preparation:
  • Prior to any installation, an essential first step is to perform a thorough check for underground services, such as utilities or wiring. This is crucial to ensure the safety of the installation process and avoid any potential hazards.
  1. Removal of Paving:
  • The installation begins with the careful removal of the block paving in the designated area on your driveway.
  1. Excavation:
  • An excavation is carried out, creating a neat square hole with a depth of 150mm below the outer casing of the bollard.
  1. Backfill with Stone:
  • The hole is then backfilled with 20mm stone to a depth of 150mm, providing a stable and secure foundation for the bollard.
  1. Positioning the Bollard:
  • The high-security telescopic bollard, in this instance, the RD4/S model with a sleek 304-grade stainless steel finish, is carefully positioned onto the prepared stone foundation.
  1. Ensuring Proper Alignment:
  • Attention to detail is essential to ensure that the casing of the bollard sits 10mm above the surface paving, allowing for effective rainwater runoff around the bollard.
  1. Additional Stone Backfill:
  • Clean 10mm or 20mm stone is used to backfill around the bollard, maintaining the specified gap of 400mm from the top of the casing.
  1. Smooth Operation Check:
  • The bollard’s smooth operation is thoroughly tested to ensure it functions flawlessly.
  1. Backfill with Concrete:
  • The remaining 400mm around the bollard is filled with medium slump rapid cure concrete, firmly securing the bollard in place.
  1. Final Touch: 
  • A keen eye for detail ensures that the surface is dressed meticulously, resulting in a clean and neat finish that seamlessly integrates the security post into the overall aesthetics of your driveway.

Take Action and Enhance Your Vehicle's Security

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge of how to install a high-security telescopic security bollard on your domestic driveway, you can take proactive steps to safeguard your vehicle and enhance security at home. However, if you prefer professional assistance, consider reaching out to experts like SVD Restoration, who specialize in these installations.

In conclusion, protecting your vehicle from theft in Toronto isn’t just a personal responsibility; it’s a collective effort to ensure the safety of our communities. The alarming statistics and proactive measures taken by both the Ontario government and local authorities emphasize the seriousness of this issue.

By implementing the anti-theft tips provided and considering innovative solutions like high-security telescopic security bollards, you can fortify your vehicle’s defenses. 

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