Rosewood Asian Cuisine

Rosewood Asian Cuisine
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Address: 463 Dundas St W, Toronto
Phone: (416) 593-9998

Rosewood Asian is definitely one of the trendier dim sum spots in Chinatown. This family-owned restaurant located on the south side of Dundas has been serving hearty dim sum, as well as Cantonese and Fuzhou cuisines to Toronto for over a decade. What’s cool about this restaurant is that they do all-you-can-eat dim sums from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m, as well as a la carte which is pretty rare.
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The dining space here is not the biggest but is definitely more modern than most dim sum restaurants in Toronto which are usually decked out with Chinese decor. The restaurant has two floors, which can easily fit at least 200 people. The ceiling has a modern-looking chandelier which keeps the dining space well-lit during the nighttime. Marble accents can be found throughout the restaurant, including the tables, which give it a more luxurious feel. Plus they even have the classic dim sum tables with the lazy susans for larger parties.
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The menu is quite extensive with over 100 dim sum items (and even sushi) for you to enjoy. All their dim sums here are pretty good quality and at a decent price point as well. Their har gow is a must. The shrimp is beautifully wrapped in rice skin, which gives it a nice chewy texture that feels satisfying to finish in one bite. Their steamed rice noodles are another go-to favourite, as they are freshly made with a silky smooth texture that pairs exceptionally well with soy sauce.
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For dessert, I highly recommend their green tea and mango pudding which combines the best of both worlds, leaving you satisfied with every bite.
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If you’re planning on coming here for AYCE, then better take advantage of it and get as many plates as possible. If you want the best deal for AYCE, it is better to come during the weekday as it’s much lower than the weekend prices.
Overall, if you’re looking for an authentic Hong Kong dim sum experience this is one of the best places to do it. The service is fast, and the staff are quite attentive to your needs. Best of all, they have all the classic dim sum dishes including siu mai, congee, egg tarts, and more. The price point for the AYCE is a bit high, but their al la carte is well worth the price.

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