Roti Cuisine Of India

Roti Cuisine Of India
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Address: 308 Dupont St, Toronto
Phone: (416) 968-9366

Roti Cuisine Of India is a small and humble Indian restaurant located in the heart of downtown Toronto. From the name of the restaurant, you can already tell that they are proud of their roti. This simple dining room serves some of the best roti in the city as well as many vegetarian options.
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Inside, the dining room is much larger than it seems from the outside. There are a few tables and chairs, but most people opt to eat in take-out containers at home or in the office. It can get quite cramped inside and it can be quite difficult to get a seat during dinner time but during the rest of the day, you should have no problem eating in.
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Their menu features a variety of traditional Indian dishes such as samosas, pakora, an assortment of rice-based dishes, and of course roti being the centrepiece.
Here you can eat both meat and vegetarian roti. A go-to favourite is the lamb saag roti. It features a thick curry sauce with tender lamb pieces. The lamb is tender and moist, while the roti is nice and soft. The roti is crispy on the outside yet fluffy on the inside. Also, the roti is quite big and is entirely stuffed with the saag. It is a bit difficult to eat but it is well worth the mess!
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For something less heavy the aloo gobi roti is a nice lighter option. It is stuffed with a seasoned mixture of potatoes and cauliflower. The flavour is mild but still very tasty. This dish also comes in a big roti shell that can be shared between two people.
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Another classic vegetarian option is saag paneer roti. This dish is similar to the saag roti but it features cheese cubes instead of meat. The paneer cheese is very soft and wonderful in this dish! The taste is also very mild and the texture of the cheese adds a smooth creaminess to this dish.
You can taste the love and care put into these dishes by their owners. This small restaurant serves up some of the best roti in Toronto! From lamb to paneer, they have a great selection of vegetarian and meat dishes that are delicious. The roti is very filling and you will likely be stuffed after eating one. Make sure to stop by if you are looking for some tasty Indian cuisine!

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