Rouge National Urban Park

Rouge National Urban Park

Address: Zoo Rd, Toronto, ON M1B 5W8, Canada
Telephone: 416-264-2020

Rouge National Urban Park is home to beautiful biodiversity in the Greater Toronto Area. The park is located near HWY 401 East and the Toronto Zoo. The Rouge National Urban Park is one of the largest parks in the city and it’s opened all year round with many features such as a beautiful beach at Lake Ontario, a spacious campground, and one of Toronto’s largest marshes.
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The park has many location entrances including Rouge Beach, Glen Eagles vista, Zoo Road area, Bob Hunter Memorial Park, Glen Rouge Campground, Reesor Day Use Area, and 19th Day Use Area. To have the most pleasant experience in Rouge National Urban Park, make sure to plan your trip beforehand.
The most popular TTC route is to go to the southern portion of the park by Rouge Beach. To get there go to Lawrence East Station on the Scarborough RT and catch the #54A Lawrence East to Starspray bus on Lawrence Avenue and ride to Starspray Loop at Lawrence Avenue East. Walk east into the Park.
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When visiting, keep in mind that it can get pretty hot here during the summertime, so be sure to bring water to stay hydrated. If you hate bugs, then it’s a good idea to dress appropriately and carry some bug spray with you.
As for the wintertime, it will be freezing. So dress warmly, and wear winter boots to protect yourself from slipping.
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The Rouge National Urban Park is home to over 1700 different species of animals and plants. Depending on the season, you will be able to spot mammals such as beavers, coyotes, white-tailed deers, and foxes.
You can also find turtles and a variety of different bird species, which makes this place perfect for bird-watch, and it’s also a good spot to watch the fall salmon run up the Rouge River.
Remember to always keep your distance from the animals, as some of them can be dangerous.
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Not sure what to do in the Rouge National Urban Park?
If you enjoy hiking, Rouge park has many different hiking trails, with a scenic nature view.  But if you are looking to have weekend getaway outdoors with your family and friends, you can check the Glen Rouge Campground. The spot is down the Rouge River and has washroom and showers facilities for your convenience.
  Rouge National Park is a perfect place to hike, bird-watch, and relax. If you are looking to go somewhere to feel more connected to nature but don’t want to leave the city, Rouge park is the perfect destination for you.

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