Scarboro Crescent Park

Scarboro Crescent Park

Phone: +1 (416) 396-4003
Address: 61 Undercliff Dr, Scarborough, ON M1N 3Z5

This is a great park to visit if you’re looking to take gorgeous pictures of the sunrise and sunset in Toronto. This park is part of Scarborough Bluffs so you can see Lake Ontario from the scenery here as well. You can’t get into the water from this park, but Scarboro Crescent Park does have a splash pad for kids to play in. If you’d like to visit the lake try going from one of the other places such as Bluffer’s Park, Sylvan Park, East Point Park or Guild Park and Gardens.
Scarboro Crescent Park 4
This park is located at 61 Undercliff Dr. Scarborough. It’s easy to drive here via Danforth or Brimley Rd. But if you’d rather take the TTC here, there are many buses that travel to this area. You could take the 20 bus to Park St, which is a 13 min walk from the park. Or you could choose to take the 12A or the 12C bus and get off at Sharpe St which is 9 min away from the park. If you live closer to you can even cycle or walk here as well.
Scarboro Crescent Park 2
Many people visit Scarboro Crescent Park to play in their tennis courts. Luckily there are 4 of them to use so it doesn’t get too crowded there. Families with children also enjoy this park because of the many playgrounds available here. And If you need to stay hydrated, there are many water fountains found throughout the park. This is a great park to visit with friends or family if you’re looking to avoid the noise and chaos of the city.
Scarboro Crescent Park 3
There isn’t much of a crowd at this park, so if you’re looking for some peace and quiet then this is the place to be. Some people visit to take some great pictures, but we suggest not going past the park’s fences as you can get fined if you’re caught trespassing. If you’re looking to avoid the crowd try visiting earlier in the morning or afternoon on a weekday.
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Since this park is so high above the water, you’d have some great views from the cliff which you can’t get anywhere else. You can also go for a refreshing scenic walk on the many paths available at this park. Come during the sunset, and watch as the sky changes colour from a high vantage point. If you’d like to explore Scarborough Bluffs then Scarboro Crescent Park is a must-see when you’re in the area.

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