Shahi The Royal Roti

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Address: 349 Marlee Ave, North York
Phone: (416) 787-4743

Shahi The Royal Roti, a small Indian eatery in the heart of North York. Serving biryani, curries, vegetarian dishes, and most importantly roti this unassuming little place is nonetheless one of Toronto’s best-kept secrets. Come here for real Indian food that’s not just ok- it’s GREAT.
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Inside the eatery it’s very humble. There are a few tables and chairs for dining in, however, most of the business here is take-out. They also have a large menu behind the counter which clearly displays the many different varieties of roti and other Indian favourites which they offer.
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The menu is expansive and impressive. With a large assortment of vegetarian dishes, traditional biryani, biryanis with shrimp, chicken or lamb, a variety of curries and the aforementioned roti there’s something for everyone here.
A go-to favourite for roti is the chicken vindaloo roti ($13.99). The roti itself is just enough to fuel you but not engorge you. It’s crispy, soft, and flaky all at once with the right amount of chewiness. Inside it’s stuffed with tender pieces of chicken, potatoes and green peas in a spicy sauce that will have your lips tingling. As you cut open the roti, steam billows out and you can smell the heady scent of spices. It’s delicious.
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The biryanis here are also worth trying. Priced between $12.99 and $13.99 they’re not cheap but it is definitely worth the price. The lamb is tender and juicy, the shrimp is plump and cooked just right, but a favourite by far is the beef biryani ($13.99). For a small place, Shahi really punches above their weight class with this dish. The rice is well-cooked, the meat is tender and not chewy in the least bit, there’s just enough sauce to flavour but not overpower the dish.
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It can get a little heated here from all the spicy food. A good way to cool off is with a mango lassi ($3.99). Made with fat, ripe mango chunks and thick Greek yogurt it’s refreshing and perfect for cutting through the spiciness of even the hottest curry.
At first glance, It’s easy to write the Shahi off as just another mediocre Indian restaurant. But once you take a bit of your roti, mop up some curry with it, and have one bite of this amazingly flavourful food, you’ll be hooked.

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