Shawarma Land

shawarma land
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Address: 15531 Yonge St, Aurora, ON L4G 1P3 
Phone: +19055036655

Shawarma Land is one of Aurora’s top  Middle Eastern restaurants. This family-run restaurant is one of the best-looking shawarma joints in the GTA, with a calm atmosphere ideal for group outings and savouring delicious food that is popular on weekends. For years, this restaurant has been a favourite destination for halal shawarmas, falafels, and other famous Middle Eastern dishes served in typical Mediterranean fashion using only fresh and high-quality ingredients. Even if you’re not a shawarma fan, you’ll fall in love with this restaurant after just one bite.
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The restaurant offers enough space for large groups and modern decors such as stone walls and furnishings such as stools by the window, which you won’t find in many shawarma restaurants. The restaurant features an open and spotless kitchen where you can watch your order being prepared as well as a TV to keep you entertained as you savour your delicious meals.
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If you’re not sure what to get from their menu, the Chicken Shawarma plate is undoubtedly the best pick. The platter is large and appetizing, with a variety of sauces and a delicious aroma. Chicken, rice, potatoes, hummus (optional), salad, and pita bread are served on the side. The chicken is tasty and crispy without being overly dry, and the fresh vegetables are soaked in garlic and chilli sauce and served on a bed of steaming rice. For an additional $3.98, you can add side fries and cold pop to round off your lovely meal.
The prices are not low, which is reflected in the quality of the meal you will receive. If you’re driving, don’t be concerned about finding a parking place, as there’s plenty of parking spaces available. You might notice a regular lineup at Shawarma Land, but don’t worry, they take orders quickly and there is little to no wait time. Most Shawarma Land customers would agree that the fries are a little bland and could use a little more salt. However, it is excellent for those with high blood pressure.
Shawarma Land is one of the greatest locations in Aurora to get good Middle Eastern food. Sauces are just as important as the meat in shawarma, and Shawarma Land does not disappoint. If you want wonderful fresh shawarma drenched in seasonings and tasty sauces, come visit Shawarma Land.

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