Sukho THAI

Sukho THAI
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Address: 52 Wellington St E, Toronto
Phone: (647) 351-4612

Sukho THAI is a casual Thai restaurant with three locations on Dundas, Wellington, Front St. Sukho THAI serves up classic Thai fare from spring rolls to curries. The restaurant has been around for years and is run by a lovely Thai couple who make a point of delivering a casual dining experience while serving up traditional dishes.
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The restaurant has traditional and rustic designs with its dark-grey walls and old brick veneer. There are murals on some of the walls depicting Thai plant life and elephants, Thailand’s national animal. The walls are adorned with wooden furniture and fixtures, and the ceiling is finished off with paper umbrellas for an extra touch. The R&B music that they usually played ties the vibe together for an excellent dining environment.
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The menu has all the Thai staples including starters, deep-fried dishes, soups, mains, noodles, and curries. Their mains are reasonably priced between $15 -$20. The restaurant’s most famous dish is the Khao Soi, which you can get with either prawn, beef, chicken, or tofu. This dish comes with egg noodles in their signature curry gravy, coriander, green onion, and is finished off with some extra crispy noodles on top. Once you have a taste of the rich flavours of the Khao Soi, you’ll be coming back for more again soon.
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Another great dish is the veggie fried spring rolls. These deep-fried rolls are filled with rice noodles, minced mushrooms, and served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce. The spring rolls are crispy on the outside, but the inside has a soft texture to them. Thai food is known for being spicy, so if you can’t handle spice, they also have vegetable spring rolls served with a peanut sauce.
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Finally, we can’t forget to mention Sukho THAI’s famous mojito to go along with your meal. The drink is made with Sailor Jerry rum, limes, fresh mints, ginger and hot peppers syrup. The drink is sweet and has a nice kick to it with the ginger and hot pepper syrup. If you like mojitos, then this drink is for you!
Sukho THAI is a casual, laid-back restaurant that has quickly become a favourite spot for downtown locals. The food is fresh and tastes great. The staff at Sukho THAI are also friendly and always make you feel welcome. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area and looking to try something different!

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