Takht-e Tavoos Restaurant

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Phone: +1 (647) 352-7322
Address: 1120 College St, Toronto, ON M6H 1B5

This is a bustling Iranian restaurant that serves a variety of dishes. The food served here is authentic with many breakfast and brunch options on the menu. We recommend visiting earlier in the day as this shop tends to get busy.
Photo by @pomegranatetoronto via Instagram
A favourite dish here is the Guisavah. Two eggs are served in your choice of Sunnyside up or scrambled, topped with buttered dates. Nigella seeds and walnuts are added for a bit of a crunch. The dried apricots give the dish some sweetness and the creaminess of the feta cheese brings the dish together.
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Anyone looking for a toasted breakfast should try the Haleem. This is a porridge dish made with wheat berries and shredded lamb. This dish is topped with melted butter, sugar and some spices. This dish is served with toasted Barbary bread and a Persian chai tea on the side. This is a flavourful meal to start the day with.
Photo by @pomegranatetoronto via Instagram
But for a heartier meal why not try the Dizi. This is a stew made with lamb. The chickpeas give it a nutty flavour while the white beans are tender. The savoury potatoes and the sweet tomatoes make a great combination. The onions are sharp and the spices enhance the flavours of the dish. This is a 2-course meal served with bread and pickles.
Photo by @pomegranatetoronto via Instagram
End your meal with a sweet dessert called the Koloocheh Fooman. This Iranian pastry is stuffed with walnuts, dates, rosewater and cadmium. This dish has a subtle sweetness and a lot of crunch. It is a perfect way to end your meal at this restaurant. The next time you’re looking for delicious halal food, why not order from Takht-e Tavoos Restaurant.

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