Tasty Shawarma

Tasty shawarma
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Address: 2993 Sheppard Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1T 3J5 
Phone: +16474353815

Tasty Shawarma is a halal restaurant recognized for serving the finest shawarma in the Sullivan neighbourhood. Even late at night, the restaurant is packed with long waiting lines. Tasty offers delicious shawarma and falafel at a reasonable price, with a variety of combos and daily specials available. If you want to add sides of deliciousness, the restaurant also has an additional kebab place next door. Come enjoy the meals at Tasty, serving authentic Middle Eastern shawarmas in Toronto.
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The interior of the restaurant features small dining spaces and an open kitchen like many shawarma places in Toronto. The restaurant has beautiful Middle Eastern-style ceiling tiles and large windows for natural lighting. Here it is popular to order grab and go, but they also provide a comfortable space for dining. Tasty, unlike many other shawarma eateries, uses an electric shaver to ensure that every slice of meat and flavour is evenly distributed. 
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Tasty offers mixed plates that taste amazing, so whether your favourite shawarma is beef or chicken, you won’t have a hard time choosing. They have seasonal menus, and their meat is neither too dry nor overly salty. Instead, it’sr fresh and juicy with just the right amount of sauce and veggies wrapped neatly so that every mouthful has a little bit of everything. Make sure to personalize your orders with your preferences and request non-spicy if you can’t handle the heat. They serve rice, salad, or fries, with the crispy fries being the most popular and best pairing and a can of pop for a fast refresher.
There is typically a waiting line, making it difficult to get fast service if you arrive hungry. However, their fresh and delicious meals will make you forget the wait once you take your first mouthful. Make sure to call to check what daily specials they are offering, since they occasionally have special deals on certain evenings and bring cash or debit only.
Tasty shawarma in Scarborough is a fantastic spot to try if you’re searching for a new shawarma place with flavours that won’t disappoint. Whether you want a quick grab-and-go order or to dine in, this restaurant is a must-visit for every shawarma lover.

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