The 8 Best Camera Stores in Toronto [2023]

In today’s Toronto, photography and videography have become commonplace, accessible to all skill levels. Luckily, the city offers a variety of camera stores and the best camera gear outlets where you can find your perfect fit in terms of camera equipment.

We’ve done the legwork to compile a list of reputable camera stores, both online and physical, that specialize in camera gear and video cameras. With these top camera store options, finding the right camera to meet your needs in Toronto should be a breeze!

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How We Chose The Best Camera Shops in the City

Picking out the top camera stores in Toronto was no easy task! We considered several important things to make it easier for you:

  • Variety of Products: We looked at whether the store has a wide range of products, including popular brands, camera accessories, and different services.
  • Pricing: We checked how the prices align with your camera budget.
  • Returns and Warranty: We made sure the stores have a fair return and warranty policy.
  • Customer Reviews: We listened to what customers had to say. Did they get good service and find what they needed?

Our goal was to simplify your camera shopping experience by taking these factors into account.

Best Camera Stores in Toronto

Let’s get started now that you know what to search for at Toronto’s top camera stores!

1. BCamera

Step into B Camera – Your Gear Haven! Unveil their freshest camera gear collection that’s ready to elevate your visuals. Not just a rental shop; they’re your express ticket to creative excellence. From hobbyists to pros, find gear that matches your needs.

Browse their website for pricing based on daily and weekend adventures. Long-term plans? Connect with them for the scoop. But that’s not all. B Camera is more than gear – it’s about forging bonds. They’re part of your filmmaking journey, frame by frame!

Business Information:

Address: 17 Atlantic Ave 2nd floor, Toronto, ON M6K 3E7
Phone: (416)-939-7347

Customer Review Highlights:

“I've rented camera equipment, audio equipment and lighting from B Camera three times now and the experience has always been great. Cameron is super helpful and accommodating, the gear worked perfectly and it's affordable. Highly recommend!”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
High-quality camera equipment Not a wide range of camera  rental options
Freshest gear collection
Daily, weekend, long-term rental plans

2. B3K Digital

Why B3K? They’re Canada’s go-to for photography, studio lighting, and cultural heritage solutions. Explore camera rentals, expert support, repairs, training, and top-notch camera equipment backed by a seasoned team.

Discover exclusive brands curated by B3K, spreading their charm across Canada and chosen by specialists. From technical & field cameras to vibrant lighting, sturdy grips & camera accessories, and standout names like Hahnemuehle, Inovativ Carts, Sennheiser, and Eizo Monitors, B3K is the core of photographic brilliance.

Business Information:

Address: 163 Queen St E #100, Toronto, ON M5A 1S1
Phone: (416)-628-8044

Customer Review Highlights:

“Hands down the best camera rental/store in Toronto. They made my dream of owning a Phase One camera come true. Different from the other stores in Toronto, they really listen to your expectations and try to provide the best plan that fits your needs. The technical knowledge of the staff is unmatched.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Top-notch camera equipment Voicemail is not setup
Exclusive brands
Technical & field cameras
Vibrant lighting

3. Downtown Camera Ltd.

Downtown Camera Ltd.

For over 40 years, Downtown Camera Ltd. has been Toronto’s trusted independent camera store. Offering a wide range of camera types, including digital SLRs, mirrorless systems, and video cameras, they also provide camera accessories like tripods and filters. With brands like Canon, Sony, and Nikon, they offer online shopping with free shipping for orders over $125, and warranties of up to 3-5 years. 

You can even buy, sell, and trade used camera equipment with a 60-day warranty on used products. Explore their online sales, in-store shopping, and curbside pickup options for a top-notch camera store experience!

Business Information:

Address: 89 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M5C 1S1
Phone: (416)-363-1749

Customer Review Highlights:

“My go to camera store for anything camera / film related in Toronto! Was recommended by a friend to check out Downtown Cameras, and could not be happier with their level of service / friendly staff. Solid store with knowledgeable and helpful staff.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Lots of options available for your specific needs. Can be expensive 

4. Aden Camera

Aden Camera

Near Yonge & College, Aden Camera is a popular downtown spot known for its extensive selection at affordable prices. They cater to a wide range of needs, offering Digital SLRs, Mirrorless Cameras, compact cameras, drone/action cameras, and video cameras from 8 brands including Canon, Nikon, and Fujifilm.

Aden Camera also provides lenses, filming/screening/printing technologies, and accessories. Their prices span from $100 to $1000, often with great deals in their sale and clearance sections. Keep in mind that all sales are final, and Aden Camera offers a 10-day exchange policy!

Business Information:

Address: 382 Yonge St #2, Toronto, ON M5B 1S8
Phone: (416)-977-9711

Customer Review Highlights:

“5 star rating why? 1.Awesome service from a knowledgeable staff, Nim helped us with our purchase. Even letting us know where to get a great coffee. 2.Always an awesome price. Lower for all camera equipment and supplies. We always go to Adenes for all our camera wants and needs.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Online digital printing Can be expensive
Great deals offered 

5. Henry’s


For all your photography equipment needs, look no further than Henry’s. With multiple Ontario locations, including downtown Toronto, they provide a vast selection of camera gear at competitive prices. From cameras and lenses to action cameras, drones, tripods, and camera equipment, Henry’s covers it all. 

This top-notch camera store even offers 360 & VR equipment, ensuring a camera that suits both your requirements and budget. Renowned brands like Canon underscore their commitment to quality. Beyond gear, they offer services including repairs, photo retouching, passport photos, and more. Warranty options extend up to 3 years, with prices ranging from $100 to $1000+.

Business Information:

Address: 119 Church St, Toronto, ON M5C 2G5
Phone: (416)-868-0872

Customer Review Highlights:

“I've been here a few times for my photography needs. Most recently a week or so ago to purchase a new camera bag and they're always helpful. Haven't had an issue and the wide array of products is a great one-stop-shop kind of place for photographers.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Quite a large location that has impressive selections! May take over a month to receive online purchases or develop photos

6. F-Stop Photo Accessories

F-Stop Photo Accessories

F-Stop Photo Accessories offers a wide range of camera equipment and accessories, including digital SLRs, used film cameras, lenses, and more. They also stock camera accessories for Nikon, Canon, and Mirrorless Cameras from various brands. 

You can buy, sell, exchange, and rent equipment. They have refurbished options and a 14-day warranty period. Please note that after this period, no exchanges or refunds are possible due to F-Stop’s reseller model.

Business Information:

Address: 2449 Yonge St #8, Toronto, ON M4P 1Y5
Phone: (647)-708-2423

Customer Review Highlights:

“Great little shop for used lenses and accessories. Picked up a sweet ultra wide angle lens I've been searching for used for a few months, and found it here. The owner gave me a further discount on the lens when I got there, and I was even able to trade in my kit lens.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
They offer a huge selection of used cameras and lenses! F-Stop is not responsible for any problems or damage to your equipment caused by the use of aftermarket accessories. Buyers should accept the risk, conduct research, and read some product reviews before making a purchase.
Promos: 15% off on digital equipments 

7. Vistek


Vistek, with over 40 years of experience, is your reliable source for photography supplies. They cover a wide spectrum, offering DSLR, mirrorless, and drone cameras. Beyond cameras, they stock accessories like flashes and peripherals, alongside video, audio, lighting, and display/print options. Equipment rental is also available.

With a shop and photo studio in Toronto, they offer comprehensive rentals and ship within Canada and the US through their online store. Lighter products under 10 pounds enjoy free delivery. Plus, Vistek stands out with student discounts, educational events, and a dedicated YouTube channel for product insights!

Business Information:

Address: 496 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M5A 4G8
Phone: (416)-365-1777

Customer Review Highlights:

“Love Vistek! Awesome place to get all my photography and video gear. And they host the Profusion Expo each year, which is amazing!”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Offers student discounts Items bought from websites may not be reliable, so it’s better to visit in store.
Has learning events opportunities
Vistek has a youtube channel on product reviews

8. Annex Photo

Annex Photo

Annex Photo ignites a “Photo Renaissance,” rekindling the joy of photography in people’s lives. They offer an engaging retail space featuring cutting-edge Fujifilm products. Their range includes film, passport ID photos, film cameras, disposable cameras, memories, and camera accessories.

For frames, photo books, picture displays, cameras, and accessories, Annex Photo allows a 10-day refund or exchange. Their price range spans $100 to $300 and beyond. The staff is customer-focused, providing excellent service and photography tips to enhance your skills.

Business Information:

Address: 362 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S 1X2
Phone: (416)-922-0920

Customer Review Highlights:

“As a professional film photographer, I've tried out multiple labs in the city but Annex Photo has always given me the best service. I can always rely on them to get my scans developed in the allotted time given. Been coming here for years and will continue for years to come. 🙂 I highly recommend!”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
If you want to take passport photos, you don’t need to book an appointment. It’ll only take 10 minutes! Online orders and photo development might take a long time.

FAQs About Camera Stores

Entry-level options start at a few hundred dollars, while mid-range cameras range from $500 to $1500+. Professional-level cameras can exceed $2000, not including camera accessories. Research and compare prices to find the best fit for your needs and budget.
A good camera has all of the controls you need and makes those controls quick and easy to use. For any type of photo you’re planning to take, the basic essentials for taking great pictures is to adjust the lens, try not to use flash indoors, use simple backgrounds, avoid camera shake, use the right exposures, use a polizaring filter that will help reduce reflections that helps to capture a vivid photo, and experiment with shutter speed.
To clean dust, grime, and fluff from the camera body, use a blower, compressed air, or a soft, dry cloth. Because a camera is a fragile piece of equipment, it should always be stored in a camera bag, a protective case, or an airtight container lined with foam.
Cameras can last for about 5 years of regular use and usually the camera shutter wears out which is typically the major issue. Also, knowing how cameras can be expensive, we highly recommend that you purchase a great quality and durable camera which will be worth the investment in the long run for you!


These premier camera stores in Toronto offer an extensive array of camera equipment, camera gear, and video cameras. With a wide selection of options, including the best camera store choices, they provide camera types, camera accessories, rental services, and more. These top Toronto camera stores stock the most popular cameras for professional photography and filmmaking, ensuring you can select the perfect camera to match all your needs!

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