The Best Cinnamon Rolls in Toronto

Cinnamon, spice and everything nice; that’s what the bakers in Toronto could most likely be made of. There’s really no dessert that says baking best then a homemade, browned to perfection, frosted cinnamon bun. Great in the mornings with your coffee as a sweet side, a warm dessert after a nice spicy sub, or just as a holiday baking venture with your roommates – you really can’t go wrong with cinnamon. We may not all be cut out for The Great Canadian Baking Show, so might as well get our hands on some of the best cinnamon rolls in Toronto. These local bake shops and cafes know just how to make you smell the delectable aroma of a freshly baked cinnamon bun – or ice cream sammie – just by looking at them. Take a peak and check out the list:

15) Rosen’s Cinnamon Buns

Rosen’s Cinnamon buns are becoming a Canada-wide, cinnamon bun classic. These “bake-your-own” buns come in a frozen pack of 4 that are ready to eat in just 22 minutes. Behind these perfectly chewy and soft buns is its Toronto-renowned chef and food writer, Amy Rosen, who took on the commercial culinary business in 2016 and has since gone to sell-out her frozen creations. If you finish your pack and start to miss Rosen’s cinnamon buns, you can also buy Rosen’s cinnamon bun spread to turn your morning toast into your favourite meal of the day.

Address: Barocco X Nino 974 College St, Toronto

14) Bloomer’s

Twisted, clouds of cream cheese frosting top the glazed cinnamon buns of Bloomer’s. Photo by bloomer’s To.
Bloomer’s is an all vegan donut and bakeshop with 4 locations across the GTA; their shop on Queen and Bathurst location is their most popular, serving up homemade buns that we can’t get enough of. These delightful, hand-crafted treats are available for pick-up and delivery to eligible locations on Uber Eats and on their site, as well as in-store. They’re pricier than the rest of our list, with 6 for $30 and a dozen for $60, but with the high-quality ingredients and vegan options make up for the price.

13) Glory Hole Donuts

Who knew a donut shop would have one of the most sought after cinnamon buns in the city? Glory Hole Donuts, located at Parkdale and another at Gerrard, is sweet-tooth heaven – and their cinnamon buns are the stuff of dreams. Made in small, exclusive batches, you can only get them by walk-ins (for both locations) right at noon when they’re baked. They’re made with fluffy Glory Hole donut dough, a loving portion of cinnamon and glazed with dripping, cream cheese frosting.

12) Tori’s Bakeshop

The cinnamon rolls at Tori’s Bakeshop are toasty, big, and doughy with perfect gooey glaze and warm cream cheese style frosting – all vegan, of course. Their large cinnamon buns are rated as the most popular baked treat in shop, and are even available as raw “Bake-at-Home” buns that you can order online. Known for being the “first plant-based cafe” in the city, their buns – as with all items – are all made with natural, seasonal, and organic ingredients, so you know this bun is the real deal.

11) The Butternut Baking Co.

These gorgeous, generously frosted cinnamon buns are from the local, female-owned Butternut Baking Co. Their small start included testing their recipes in a Northern Ontario cabin and selling their sweets at farmer’s markets. Today, they run an elegant commercial store on Toronto’s West end, with healthful baked goodies that are gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free, keto and paleo diet friendly. Their sweet Mini Cinnamon buns are topped with a cloud of vanilla flavoured frosting and are full of flavour without the guilt! Since lockdown measures, their bakery is not yet open for walk-ins, but is able for pick-up or delivery through online orders.

10) Sweet Trolley Bakery

Located in the Junction, Sweet Trolley Bakery has our pick for the best classic cinnamon bun. Their buns are based on a 100-year-old recipe using completely organic ingredients all hand-rolled. Frosting lovers will especially like their heavily iced batches baked in large quantities for a reasonable price. These treats are just as sweet as the bakers there. As having been family owned and operated they’re super kind to newcomers and are dedicated to being a peanut and tree-nut-free bakery. They also have other delicious goods such as fresh fruit pies and homemade spanakopita if you want to add on.

9) Sweet Bliss

As self-proclaimed “tastiest bakery” in Leslieville, Sweet Bliss’s delectable cinnamon buns do not disappoint. It’s made using local butter and organic flour, along with their other baked goods made from scratch. Their chic, farmhouse style bakery provides a friendly atmosphere when stopping by and talking to any of their staff. They’re only open every Thursday – Sunday from 9am to 1pm, so make sure to visit as soon as you can.

8) FIKA Cafe

An artsy, Swedish-style bakery in Kensington Market is where you can find the best Scandanavian cinnamon buns in the city. The signature FIKA Sweidish bun is made with buttery, cinnamon dough twisted in cute knots and lightly sprinkled with pearl sugar. Now, the sweet smell of FIKA’s baked buns are yours to enjoy at home. You can get them in frozen batches of 4 when you order online and pick them up at the cafe.

7) Mabel’s Bakery

This local, downtown chain of artisanal baked goodies is none other than Mabel’s Bakery and Specialty Foods, with their most popular location in West Queen West and a recent addition on Dundas W in The Junction. Cinnamon buns at Mabel’s are just like being home for the holidays, with its soft dough rolls and delicate icing sure to make you reminiscent of baking with the family. They serve a wide range of savoury dishes along with homemade bread and always strive to use local, organic and non-artificial ingredients. If you want to order online, you can grab a batch of 4 for just under $15 at Fresh City Farms.

6) Almond Butterfly Cafe

To try a one-of-a-kind cinnamon bun with a heaping of frosting and cinnamon flavour, you need to come to the Almond Butterfly Cafe in Harbord Village. These gluten and dairy-free baked goods don’t look like your average cinnamon roll swirl, but taste even better than you would imagine. Almond Butterfly also has an all-day brunch spot near Dundas St W and Bathurst, where you can choose anything from fruit drizzled pancakes to the city’s best cupcakes along with your brunch. You can order anything from their cocktail, cupcake and brunch menus online, but you need to visit their Harbord St location to get your cinnamon buns in person.

5) Home Baking Co.

Home Baking Co.’s cinnamon buns are a hidden gem at their quaint bakeshop just outside of Lansdowne station. Their one of the coolest bakeries, serving warm and fresh buns and goods with that high-quality, homestyle flavour you would expect from Home Baking. Just looking at pictures of their neatly drizzled buns makes us want to buy the whole batch! Their cozy atmosphere and quick service is what makes this spot a local favourite. Along with their baked selection, you could also feast on holiday pies, savoury quiches, and ice cream sandwiches made in-house.

4) Kali Bakery

For those looking for the ultimate artisanal cinnamon bun experience, we can’t recommend ordering from Kali Bakery, enough! They take the classic cinnamon bun we all know and love, and turn it into divine, culinary masterpieces. Their flavours include gooey Honey glazed, Maple Pecan, Dark Chocolate, and frosted Vegan rolls that look straight out of the oven on a autumn day. Made by their baker Karoline at her own home kitchen, they’re made to be enjoyed wherever you feel most comfortable – and that’s probably on the couch with coffee and a warm bun in hand. Though based in Richmond Hill and Markham, you can order online and have these delivered to you fresh, every Sunday.

3) Bunner’s Bakeshop

Bunner’s Bakeshop in the heart of Kensington Market, is the top spot for those who love their frosting. Their hand-crafted “Mama Bun” is rolled and layered with cinnamon sugar, baked with mouth-watering demerara syrup, and topped with a deliciously large heaping of buttercream frosting and only costs $5.50 flat. This classic recipe is also available in a Baby bun size that you can get without tax if you buy 6 or more. They are in fact a 100% vegan and soy & gluten-free bakery that manages to make you forget that all their desserts are made without dairy. Along with cinnamon buns, they also make wedding cakes, cupcakes, muffins, cheesecakes, brownies and more. They also offer same-day delivery service before noon, all across Toronto and the GTA when you order your baked goods online.

2) Cinnaholic

Cinnaholic is one of the most unique cinnamon roll locations in Toronto because of their make-your-own cinnamon bun experience. And this is probably the only place that you can get a Caramel Apple Pie cinnamon bun with créme brûlée frosting! Some may know them as one of the entrepreneurs able to score a deal with Robert Herjavec on the hit ABC TV show Shark Tank. Today, you can visit this family-owned business in Danforth and get to choose from over 20 different frosting flavours. Did we mention all their products are 100% vegan and freshly baked in-store? Yup, they are a kosher, lactose and dairy free facility; their sugar is made out of beet frosting, from beverages, baked goods, to all flavours like cookie dough, brownie, and even marshmallow.

1) Bakerbots Baking

If you know about the extraordinarily decadent flavours of Bang Bang ice cream in Ossington, then you’ll know that it’s sibling company, Bakerbots, is where the (baking) magic happens. Right outside of Ossington station, is this small, artisan bakeshop which serves their “Very Special Cinnibuns” amongst other fresh goods. Their extra fluffy cinnamon buns are glazed to perfection and are most famous for being eaten as an icecream sandwich. Their sweet list of combinations including dulce de leche, golden oreo or a London fog ice cream sammie will have you stopping by at least more than once a week. They’re open everyday except Mondays, and if you’re lucky, you can get your hands on some odd, small batch treats with your bun.

The Best cinnamon buns in Toronto are

Is your mouth-watering yet? These are some of the best cinnamon buns that we’ve got in Toronto. If you ever get to try out one of these amazing spots, don’t forget to tag in your photos with #Torontoblogsca to be featured on our page! Want to learn more about the food cultures of Toronto? Take a look at some more of our blogs.

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