The best comic book stores in Toronto

Throughout the 1900s, comic books experienced a quick rise to popularity. They offer a unique experience that no other book could, that is pictures and dialogue made it easy for stories to be understood, making them more enjoyable for some readers. Now if we fast forward to today, there are still many comic fanatics that read and collect them to add to their collection. Here in Toronto, there are a number of different comic book stores that offer a unique and rare selection of comic books. We have made this list to showcase the top comic book stores in the city based on the selections, pricing and general reviews.

Here are the best comic book stores in Toronto:

Paradise Comics

With a wide selection of comic book choices, Paradise Comics offers everything comic-related. Since being purchased in 1994, the store has offered rare comics and graphic novels for all ages. Some of the comic types that they currently offer include CBCS, CBCS Signature Series, Consignment, CGC and CGC Signature Series. They also offer a ‘Kidtopia’ section which offers graphic novels, accessories, mini figures and more for kids. The store is located near Lawrence Station on Yonge St and they also provide CGC Grading services and buy comics.

West End Comics

Located in West Toronto, as its name indicates, West End Comics is an independent, family run comic book shop. The store was originally founded to bring the comic book community together in Parkdale, as it was difficult to find a comic book store in that area before this one. The store offers many comic book variations including single issues, graphic novels and even classic edition comics. Alongside its offering of rare comics, the store is also known for having rare action figures for collectors. If you want to get new comics each month, they offer a monthly subscription service so you will never run out of comics to read.

The Beguiling

Founded in 1987, The Beguiling has consistently offered its customers with new comics and graphic novels. Located on College Street, this comic book store offers classic editions going all the way back to the 1930s up until the present day. This means that you can find rare comics here that are over 80 years old! They offer new release graphic novels, Manga, comics for all ages, superhero & pop culture comics and more.

Thunderstruck Bookstore

Thunderstruck Bookstore offers a large selection of books in The Annex. Whether you need comics, indies, graphic novels, manga, artbooks, funko pop vinyl or collectibles, this store has got it. The store may be one of the smaller locations, however it has a large selection of rare and new comic books.

The Comic Room

The Comic Room is one of the older comic book stores in the city having been founded in 1981. Located in Scarborough at the intersection of McCowan Road and Lawrence Avenue East, the store offers hard to find comics including comics that usually sell out in other stores. They have over 20,000 back orders on their store premises and release an assortment of new books every Wednesday.
These are some of the best comic book stores in the city that we have discovered within the city. Each of these locations offer a wide selection of comics including new, used, rare and special comics. We know that if you check out these comics book stores, you will find the specific comic(s) that you may be looking for or if you want to just find something new to read. What to find more hidden gems in Toronto? Read some more of our blogs.