The Best Frozen Yogurts in Toronto

Frozen yogurts are one of the healthier options when selecting a dessert option. While it may be healthier, not all frozen yogurts sacrifice their taste just because they address certain health concerns. In fact, there are many flavours and types that frozen yogurts can come in, it is not just restricted to one or two flavours. With this in mind, we have selected the best frozen yogurt spots in Toronto based on their tastiness, range of selections and overall ratings.

Here are the best frozen yogurts in Toronto:

1. Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt

With a number of different locations in Toronto, Menchie’s offers a variety of frozen yogurts options that fulfill health categories such as low fat, sorbet and no sugar added. Starting off in Southern California, Menchie’s quickly became a frozen yogurt favourite and has now expanded out to locations all across Canada. They offer over 100 different fro-yo flavours ranging from cake batter, bubblegum, taro, blue raspberry tart fruit punch sorbet, cotton candy and more. They even offer four different topping types including “fresh fruits”, “tasty toppings”, “chilled toppings” and “syrups & sauces”. With these selections you can customize your order to your liking and create your ideal fro-yo.

2. Yogurty’s Frozen Yogurt and Bubble Tea

For over 20 years, Yogurty’s has served frozen yogurts using farm-fresh Canadian milk. They have over 85 different fro-yo flavours including low-fat, no-fat, kosher and gluten-free options. Their selections are also particularly rich in nutrients such as vitamin B2M calcium and potassium. They also allow you to create your very own frozen yogurts by selecting the flavour and selecting from the choice of 50 different toppings such as fruits, nuts, chocolates, candies and more. They currently have locations across the GTA in Toronto, North York, Vaughan and Thornhill.

3. Pinkberry

Pinkberry was founded in 2005 with a dream to reignite the popularity of frozen yogurts. It was inspired by European gelato, frozen yogurt history and the USA’s frozen treat culture, leading to a quick rise to popularity at its original location in Los Angeles. In 2015, Pinkberry began to expand out to stores in Canada and continued to serve fro-yo options made with fresh ingredients and real milk. Today they offer many frozen yogurt flavours including sweet and tart, as well as dairy free toppings including selections of fresh fruit, gourmet and liquid.

4. Summer’s Ice Cream

For over 35 years, Summer’s Ice Cream has provided high-quality homemade frosted treats. Although it is recognized for its high-quality ice cream, its fro-yo falls nothing short of being delicious. Their frozen yogurts are freshly made throughout the week using pure and natural ingredients. Their frozen yogurts also only carry 120 calories per scoop and 3% of butterfat, making a healthy dessert option.  They offer frozen yogurt options of flavours including raspberry, cherry, watermelon, strawberry-banana, tropical fruit and more. They also offer sorbet options for flavours including raspberry mango, lemon, watermelon and lime. 

5. Dutch Dreams

Dutch Dreams is another spot that is known for its selection of ice cream, but it also offers a variety of low fat frozen yogurt options. All of their frozen treats are made by using fresh, high-quality ingredients and fulfil Kosher requirements. Some of their frozen yogurt options include almond, banana, cinnamon, M&M, mango, raspberry, watermelon and more.
We believe that each of these frozen yogurt spots will present you with a unique experience through their variety of tasty flavours and toppings. Fro-yos can be a healthy alternative to other frozen treats, but each of these spots demonstrate that they can still be enjoyable to eat. Want to find some more food spots in Toronto? Check out more of Toronto Blogs.