The Best Hot Chocolate in Toronto

As the wintertime rolls around, the weather gets colder and many people try to stay warm. One common way to stay warm is by drinking hot chocolate. Hot chocolate has been around for a long time and it is one of the go-to drinks during the wintertime. Hot chocolate offers a delicious taste composed of warmed up chocolate paired with other sweets such as marshmallows. To get you ready for the winter season, we have identified the top spots for hot chocolate in Toronto. Each of these spots offer their own unique flavours of hot chocolate that is bound to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Here are the best hot chocolates in Toronto:

SOMA Chocolate

Founded in 2003, SOMA Chocolate has become one of the premium chocolate powerhouses in Toronto. Located on King Street West and in the Distillery District, they are not only known for their standard chocolates, but they are also known for their hot chocolate varieties known as “drinking chocolates”. They offer a number of drinking chocolate flavours including ‘Dark Side of the Mug’, ‘Malted Milk’ (contains malt powder along with warm milk), ‘ A La Taza’ (rich Spanish inspired hot chocolate with cinnamon and other spices), ‘Gianduja’ (contains hazelnuts + roasted cacao) and ‘Maya’ (dark chocolate drink layered with chilli peppers, orange peel and more unique spices).

Delight Organic Fair Trade Chocolate

With all of their chocolate ingredients sourced from the Dominican Republic, Delight Organic Fair Trade Chocolate makes all of their chocolates by hand. For their hot chocolate, they use 35% whipping cream and solid chocolate to create a European styled  hot chocolate.  Their hot chocolate flavours include regular, spiced, peanut butter, caramel and bittersweet orange. They also offer a number of dairy-free hot chocolate options.

Soul Chocolate

Using all natural ingredients, Soul Chocolate is a small East Chinatown cafe that makes all of its chocolate varieties from scratch. They offer some of the top reviewed hot chocolate options in Toronto as they use speciality ingredients such as cacao directly from cacao pods. Some of their top-rated hot chocolate flavours include their Classic, Mayan, Peppermint and ‘Cacao, Cascara & Rose Tisane’  hot chocolate mix flavours.

Cacao 70 Eatery

Located in the Distillery District, Cacao 70 Eatery offers a variety of chocolate desserts and drinks, made from a variety of cacao based ingredients. Some of their unique hot chocolate options include American-Style Hot Chocolate which is Cacao 70’s classic hot chocolate that includes dark melted chocolate or milk along with marshmallows and their ‘Champurrado’ which is a rich dark hot chocolate that has a spicy cinnamon punch topped with whipped cream.

ChocoSol Traders

Originally founded in Mexico, before becoming based in Canada in 2006, ChocoSol Traders uses natural cacao that was roasted using solar power in Oaxaca, Mexico. Their hot chocolate flavours (aka ‘drinking chocolates’) are known to be of high quality. Some of their top drinking chocolate options include their ‘Xocolatl’ drinking chocolate which is made of 70% cacao and raw cane sugar and their ‘Oaxacan Cinnamon’ which is made up of roasted cacao nibs, raw cane sugar, cinnamon bark and sea salt.
These are some of the best locations in Toronto where you can get hot chocolates from. Each of these stores offer their own unique flavours using a variety of speciality ingredients, we recommend that you try the flavours that stand out to you the most. If you want to discover more unique foods, drink and treats located within Toronto, take a peek at some of our other blogs.