The Best Kebab Restaurants in Toronto

Toronto offers a variety of foods that you can try, ranging from many different cultures. One of the most popular types of foods in Toronto are the kebabs. Though there are many different kebab restaurants all over Toronto, we have selected some of the best options so that you know where to go when you are craving a kebab.
Here are some of best kebab restaurants in Toronto:

1. Bamiyan Kabob

Bamiyan Kabob offers a variety of kebab meal options. Bamiyan Kabob makes sure that people of all cultures and eating preferences can enjoy their experience. They offer a menu consisting of main courses, appetizers and desserts. Their main kebab options offer meat types including chicken, beef and lamb along with fresh rice and vegetables. They also offer wraps, salads (e.g. Greek and Caesar), side orders (e.g. Afghani naan bread) and beverages options including mango smoothies. Some of their “Famous Kabob Dinners” include Chicken Breast Kabob, Barg Kabob, Sultani Kabob and Tikka Kabob. They are widely available all across Toronto and the GTA, with seven restaurant locations.

2. Naan & Kabob

Naan & Kabob is another unique and flavourful kebab restaurant. Naan & Kabob places special value on their ingredients and produce, by making sure they are freshly made. All of their meat is antibiotic free, halal and it is seasoned with Eastern spices. Their sauce options including their garlic sauce complements their kebabs perfectly, resulting in a delicious and memorable kebab meal. Their menu presents a large selection including appetizers, “Chef’s Special”, group platters, signature dishes, grilled baobab plates, kabob wraps, desserts and more. Some of their signature dishes include the “N&K Grill” which contains a mix of tandoir chicken, shish kabob and classic chicken and their “Lank Shank” dish which comes with a lamb shank (with bone) and it is served with chicken curry on the side. Each of their signature dishes come with seasoned brown rice, topped with sweet carrot strips and raisins.

3. Kandahar Kabab

Kandahar Kabab is another very popular kabob restaurant located in Toronto and the GTA. They offer delicious kebabs that are prepared on an open flame, right after the order is made. All of their meats also come with Afghan style rice and/or freshly made salads alongside their signature white sauce. They also make hand-made Naan bread which is fresh baked. Their menu selections include beef kebabs, chicken kebabs, double kebabs, kebab skewers/singles, veggie options, shawarma, fish and various side options including Afghani rice and naan bread. They currently serve three locations in Toronto, Scarborough and Mississauga.

4. Sizzler Kabab

Known for its high-quality Indian dishes,  Sizzler Kabab offers a variety of spices and classic cuisine options. They offer grills, rolls, wraps, rice dishes, biryani dishes, vegetable dishes, Indian bread and deserts options. Some of their most notable options from their speciality menu includes their “Butter Chicken with Naan”, “Lamb Curry (Karahi Gosht) with Naan” and their “Better Curry (Nihari) with Naan” dishes. They are located near Kensington Market, on Spadina Ave.

5. Kabul Express

Kabul Express is a restaurant that offers a variety of dishes that have been influenced by the Middle Eastern and South Asian cultures. Located near the Eaton Centre on Dundas and Church St. , Their mission is to share the authentic savoury flavours through their dishes and high quality ingredients and spices. Some of their most popular dishes include their butter chicken, chicken karahi, chicken biryani. They also offer combos such as their gold combo, which is served with rice, salad, fresh and naan bread.

6. Nadi Halal Kabab House

Nadi Halal Kabab House offers kebab dishes that showcase their freshly cut up meat and seafood which is cooked on a skewer over an open fire. They offer a variety of meals including their chicken breast, tandoori chicken, chapli kebab, ground chicken, half chicken, beef kofta kebab and more options. All of their meals come with salad and naan bread, with the option of rice.
These are some of the best kebab restaurants that are located all around Toronto. We guarantee that you will not be let down by any of these restaurants as they all offer quality-rich kebab dishes. Want to learn more about Toronto? Feel free to check out more of our blogs!