The 12 Best Plant-Based Pizza Restaurants in Toronto [2024]

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Looking to get lost in a world of gooey, cruelty-free, cheesy goodness? Get ready to taste your way through the crusts and toppings of the top 12 plant-based pizza restaurants in Toronto. Delve into our guide and prepare your tastebuds for a trip around the tastiest plant-based pizzas in town!

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What is the nutritional value of vegan pizza?

The nutritional value of a vegan pizza varies greatly depending on the ingredients used. For instance, a thin crust vegan pizza topped with a variety of vegetables, vegan cheese, and tomato sauce is generally lower in calories and saturated fat than a traditional pizza with regular cheese and meats. It’s also higher in fiber and various vitamins and minerals thanks to the vegetables.

Here are some approximations for a medium slice of vegan pizza:

  • Calories: 200 – 300
  • Fat: 7 – 15 grams
  • Saturated Fat: 0 – 5 grams
  • Carbohydrates: 25 – 40 grams
  • Fiber: 2 – 5 grams
  • Protein: 5 – 10 grams

The Best Plant-Based Pizza Restaurants in Toronto

Now that you know a little about plant-based pizzas, let’s check out the best places in Toronto that make these delicious bites!

After personally visiting this legendary Italian spot, our Toronto Blogs experts can confirm the vegan pizzas, like the Pizza Pollo, are just as flavorful and satisfying without any guilt attached. A big win for plant-based enthusiasts!

A regular customer we chatted with couldn’t stop raving about the vegan fare at PLANTA Yorkville. Especially their pizzas, which include delectable ingredients like mushroom bacon and truffle oil, making vegan dining fancier than ever.

Scrolling through social media, we spotted numerous satisfied customers gushing over Blaze Pizza’s quick service and customizable plant-based pizzas. Their vegan chorizo topping has created quite a buzz!

After a discussion with their chef, you can bet that their Green Margherita and Magic Gathering vegan pizzas aren’t an afterthought. These pizzas are crafted with love and passion, making you rethink your grocery chain frozen pizza habit.

We walked into Panago’s downtown location and were instantly drawn to the fun twist they put on our favourite classics. Their Spicy Calabrese and Hawaiian pizzas incorporate plant-based ingredients in a unique and unexpected way.

We had a chance to check out Famoso Neapolitan in the Bloor Annex area. It was nothing short of an authentic Italian experience with a warm and hearty ambience. Their vegan Neapolitan pizzas deserve a try!

Address The Annex | 386 Bloor St W, Toronto

7) Pizzeria Libretto

Talking with one of our Torontonian friends, we found out about Pizzeria Libretto. She mentioned that this place is her go-to for authentic Italian pizzas with plant-based options, turning a casual chat into a foodie revelation.

After interviewing a Torontonian food blogger, this local favorite was highly recommended. Famous for its conversion of classic New York style pizzas into vegan-friendly alternatives, North of Brooklyn is the ultimate joint for plant-based pizza lovers. Their “Pizza Garden” patio brings in a unique dining experience that’s hard to pass by!

Taking a virtual stroll through food blogs, Maestro’s Gourmet Pizza frequently came up for their commendable plant-based food scene in the Durham area. Particularly, their delicious Bruno Pizza got our attention.

Going through online food forums, we frequently found Mamma’s Pizza recognized for their excellent array of plant-based alternatives. It’s a popular choice for Torontonians craving vegan pizza.

During a recent social media campaign, we discovered Pizza Del Arte. With photos of their $20 plant-based 12-slice pizza popping up everywhere, it’s hard not to notice them. Their artichoke hearts and mushroom toppings are crowd favorites.

A guest blogger who recently visited Salt & Tobacco couldn’t stop praising their classic Vegan Deluxe pizza. The contemporary interiors and affordable gluten-free crust options make this place a real gem in Cabbagetown.

FAQs About Plant-Based Pizza

Yes, plant-based pizza tends to be lower in saturated fat and cholesterol compared to traditional pizzas, making it a healthier option for many people.

Plant-based pizza typically uses ingredients like vegetable-based cheeses, various vegetables, plant-based meats (like tofu or seitan), and whole-grain or gluten-free crusts made from ingredients like cauliflower or chickpeas.

Generally, plant-based pizzas tend to be lower in calories compared to traditional pizzas due to the lighter, vegetable-based toppings. However, caloric content can vary widely based on ingredients and portion size.

No, vegan pizza does not contain cholesterol as it is devoid of animal products, which are the primary source of dietary cholesterol.

Final Thoughts

Indulge in a slice of heaven at these top 12 plant-based pizza spots in Toronto, where flavor meets sustainability in every savory bite. Embrace the veggie-filled goodness and redefine your pizza experience, one delectable slice at a time!

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