The 10 Fastest-Growing Digital Ad Agencies in Toronto

If you’re looking for a jack of all trades go with 23e2 digital. To ensure you have a strong online presence they offer social media posting, SEO services, content writing, GMB listings management, website design, and more. Their marketing plans come at competitive prices that are hard to beat. 23e2 digital has helped companies from many industries gain the customers they’re looking for. Some industries they have worked with are healthcare, retail, home repair, electronic manufacturing, boutiques, etc. This makes them adaptable to work with anyone.

Why choose them?

Google Partner – This company has expertise with Google Ads so they know how to get your company highly ranked in the search results.

Google Street View Trusted – Make your business stand out with the Google 360 virtual tour, a service that gives customers a 3-D experience. 

4.9 Stars – Aiming to please customers which is why they have earned 4.9 stars in their Google Ratings.


This company is known for their PPC services. SearchKings create targeted ads that’ll reach your customers to ensure quick purchases. This company is all about letting you choose what services work best for you. Unlike most other marketing companies they work with you on a monthly basis. So you don’t have to worry about anything in the long term. Just try out their services such as Google Ads Management, Google Analytics, Microsoft Advertising, Remarketing, Mobile Marketing, Programmatic Marketing, Franchise Marketing, Video Marketing, Website Design, Call Tracking and Web Hosting.

Why choose them?

Premium Google Partner – They help your business gain the recognition it deserves. Plus we can connect Google Ad Partners to your business. 

Winner of the 2018 Premium Partner Awards – They care about customer satisfaction above all else which leads to better work from our employees.

Works with many industries – We work with retail, medical, commerce, B2B and many other industries to market


If you want a company that really focuses on their digital ads go with Arcane. They come up with innovative solutions to get your websites noticed. But don’t let that fool you, they aren’t just creative, they are result driven as well. This company was founded in 2011 and has been growing since. With Arcane you’ll get a tailored strategy that works for you. This marketing company works with clients all over North America including Roots, AHLOT, SYKES, Connectfirst, IVEY, maxliving, Libro, Greenhouse House Co, and many more.

Why choose them?

Premium Google Partner – They have skills using Google Ads a platform used by many businesses as it is from a #1 search engine.

Facebook Pro Partner – This means we get you quick but long-lasting results by handling everything needed to market your business. 

Forbes Agency Council Member – Only those with years of experience with marketing can join and gain the connections needed to grow a business. 


This company gains its customers through its amazing social media skills. Matchstick is an independent marketing agency that focuses on getting a buzz on any company they represent. Most of their ads are shared by the consumers themselves due to the ads appealing nature. Matchstick was founded in 2001 and has gone on to represent many high name brands. They want people engaged and their creativity helps keep the standards they want to maintain. MatchStick helps build social brands that leave an impression on the customers.

Why choose them?

Well Known Clients – They worked with brands like Highland Park, Canadian Club, Jim Beam, Sauza, etc. 

Offers a variety of social media services – This includes social media strategy, social & digital advertising, social monitoring, analytics, and more

WOMMA – We are a charter member of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association. Our goal is to get your business recognized.  


If you’re looking for a digital ads company in the area go with Sparks. They will tailor their marketing strategies to best suit your company. This agency works to balance their creative side with the technical aspects of digital advertising. Instead of just updating people about a company they try to tell a story through their ads. It’s effective for companies who want to tug at their customers’ hearts and gain a more emotional connection. Spark tries to help people gain a better understanding of the business they market which helps create a better relationship.

Why choose them?

Well Known Clients – They have worked with the University of Ontario (UOIT), York University, AON, and more

Hubspot Partner – Helps agencies gain recognition through their skills from Hubspot. Grow your business. 

Google Partner – When you want to gain a higher ranking in the search results you choose a google partner.

Kinex Media

Kinex Media is a marketing agency that was founded in 2008. But their hard work has grown the company during the short time they’ve been marketing. If you need a company for website design you go with Kinex Media. Every site is built with care to ensure it meets customer satisfaction. They want to create an advertisement that brings the clients’ vision to life. Kinex Media delivers stunning results that competitors find hard to beat. They are a trusted marketing agency in Toronto with good instincts when it comes to creating websites from the ground up.

Why choose them?

Winner of Clutch 2019 – They have won the website design award and been recognized as the top website designers in Canada.

Well Known Clients – A few of the brands they have worked with are Staples, Ben Sherman, Vocam, Catelli, etc

Magento Solution Partner – You’ll get a high website design quality from employees with technical expertise and quality work.

Idea Rebel

They create high-quality designs and love to work with a challenge. They claim the rebel name while still being brilliant at their work. This company holds firm to its values one being that of sustainability. They keep to this by having a paperless office environment and being careful to leave as little of a carbon footprint as possible. Idea Rebel does great work and values individuality among its workers to create designs their clients’ love. They offer their services in Toronto, Vancouver and Los Angeles and have seen great results.

Why choose them?

Lotus Award 2011 – They created the best interactive digital ads that fascinated the consumers and got them talking about the brand

Well Known Clients – They’ve worked for 7-Eleven, Keurig, Roots, WestJet, Rogers, Converse, Hyundai, Van Houtte, and more

Top Innovators – They were named top innovators in a BC business magazine for their digital marketing ads. 

Fifth Story

When you need great content writing you go with Fifth Story. They believe that good marketing comes from having consumers understand the business and the story behind the products. Instead of having the same repetitive content as your competition why not get amazing content from Fifth Story. They don’t just do writing services they also offer audio and visual stories as well. Their way of marketing reaches a wider audience and has been known to gain quick results because of their fresh content that keeps people entertained.

Why choose them?

Content Services – This includes services such as Brand Storytelling, Content Production, Media Analysis, etc

Multiple Locations – Offices in Toronto and Ottawa

Experience – Over 40 years in business. They are a team of 30 and growing!

Pixel Society

A marketing agency here to help you gain revenue with simple and well thought out solutions. This company was founded in 2013 with the goal of helping businesses gain recognition from their target customers. Pixel Society helps you gain loyal customers that will care about your brand. But this doesn’t mean that they’ll neglect to get your company results. Pixel Society helps businesses get the proper attention from the right consumers. They gain their success through their technology-driven solutions to optimize digital ads.

Why choose them?

Offers a variety of services – They help with Email Marketing, Social Media Ad Management, Paid Search Management, Testing, and more

Worked for a number of industries – They have worked for the fashion & beauty industry as well as other lifestyle brands

eCommerce Training – They offer to help businesses polish their eCommerce skills through training in Shopify, Email Automation, Magento and more


This company is world recognized and has earned a multitude of awards for their digital advertisements. Because they are more well known they have helped companies gain high revenues from their digital marketing. This company is very data-driven which helps them find the best solutions with measurable results. Cundari is very customer-oriented and values their input in all digital marketing decisions. They have over 38 years of experience so they know the best ways to market a business online. Cundari uses effective strategies to reach target customers.

Why choose them?

Awards – Cundari is the 6th most awarded agency in the world so they have great digital solutions

Well Known Brands – They have worked with Canada Dry, BMV Canada, Maple Leafs Foods, Subway, Canada Bread and more. 

Worked in a variety of industries – They have marketed for retail, automotive, education, legal services and telecommunication.
There are so many up and coming digital marketing companies that create innovative ways of advertising. Long gone are the days where people fight for a spot on TV ads. Digital Marketing is the way to go if you want to gain customers. 34.56 million people use the internet in Canada so if you can even get 1% of those users interested in your business you’ll be doing well for yourself. With help from any of the companies mentioned above, you can gain a strong online presence for your company. Whether it’s through social media marketing, content writing, website design or SEO services there is a strategy that will work for you.