The Host Fine Indian Cuisine

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Address: 670 Hwy 7, Richmond Hill
Phone: (905) 709-4678

The Host Fine Indian Cuisine is a fancy Indian restaurant in Richmond Hill with Indian dishes, buffet & customizable curries under a bangle-covered ceiling. The restaurant serves some of the best North Indian cuisines in the city, with a selection so vast, you need an expert guide to take you through the pick. Dine-in, take away or takeaway service is available too.
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The restaurant’s dining room is large and elegant with a fresh feel. The wooden-themed interior gives the space an inviting warmth, with the ceiling resembling that of a chocolate bar. Throughout the space, you will find traditional Indian motifs and artifacts, along with art pieces from India. The dining room is well lit and spacious, and the seating is comfortable and plushy.
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Although they are a buffet, they have an ala-carte menu with over 50 dishes to choose from.
When coming here, you have to try their roti. A greater starter is their chilli lachha paratha which is flaky layered butter roti with a spicy stuffing of capsicum. All the bread items here are baked fresh daily in a tandoor oven.
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For vegetarians, the palek paneer is a must-try. They make their paneer from scratch and the taste is finger-licking good! Paneer stuffed with fresh spinach and deep-fried, then cooked in thick tomato gravy/masala which has just the right amount of spices to tantalize you.
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Another dish worth mentioning is the chaat ki tokri chaat. Chaat is one of the most popular street foods in India and they captured all its flavors into this dish; spicy, tangy, sweet & sour. It’s a potpourri of tastes and the presentation is unique.
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For something more filling, the dum ki biryani is a must-try. A traditional biryani recipe in which the meat is slowly cooked together with rice and masalas in a handi or clay pot. This dish is cooked in layers of aromatic spices, saffron and ghee which I can bet you won’t be able to resist licking your fingers.

If looking for an Indian feast, The Host Fine Indian Cuisine has got you covered. The food here is fresh, tasty and abundant. India is a vast country with different regions each with its own delicacies. It’s nice to see The Host Fine Indian Cuisine offer the best of North Indian cooking, worth trying once if you are in the area.

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