The One Fusion Cuisine

The One Fusion Cuisine
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Address: 9019 Bayview Ave unit 9, Richmond Hill
Phone: (905) 882-9388

The One Fusion Cuisine has been highly raved by many as one of the best dim sum spots in the Richmond Hill Areas. Not only are they popular for dim sums, but their menu is a favourite for different events such as weddings, birthdays, business meetings, and catering. This dim sum spot is definitely one of the more upscale Chinese restaurants in the GTA, from the interior design to the staff, everything just feels high-class.

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As you step inside the restaurant, you’ll be blown away by the interior design of this restaurant. Everything from the carpeted floors, cushions seats, silk table cloth, aquarium, custom-made chandelier, and the wine display, everything just screams fine dining. Even the staff are dressed in tuxedos. With an interior like this, you’d expect the prices to be expensive. However, you’d be glad to know that their dim sum menu is still priced reasonably at $4 – $8 a dish.
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The dim sums here are out of this world! Their dim sum menu features 46 different items including steamed, baked & fried, rice rolls, congees, and desserts. The size of each dish is definitely not comparable to most dim sum spots in Toronto, as everything served here is huge.
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One of their most popular dim sums is the BBQ pork which is arguably the best in town. The outside is crispy and fluffy, while the inside is filled with delicious savoury BBQ pork.
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Another honourable mention is the salted egg yolk bun, which features a black doughy exterior that’s filled with salted egg yolk inside. One of the most satisfying things to do is pulling the bun apart, and watching the gooey filling burst out.
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For dessert, you can try the birdcage. This is an assortment of sweet and savoury dim sums which are beautifully present in birdcage dessert stands, commonly used in the UK. This is perfect if you want to try a bit of everything on their menu.
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If you’re looking for more than just dim sum, they also have a lunch specials menu, where you can get favourite Chinese dishes like roasted duck, stir fry vegetables, and more.
This extravagant dim sum spot in Richmond Hill definitely stands out as one of the best dim sum restaurants in Toronto. It’s no wonder there’s always a lineup here, and the parking lot is always full. If you want to grab a table, be sure to come early or expect a long wait for your turn.

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