75 Best Things To Do In Toronto For Young Adults

Things To Do In Toronto As A Young Adult

1. CN Tower

CN Tower is an iconic landmark in Toronto, Canada, and one of the most recognizable towers in the world. It was built in 1976 and held the title of the world’s tallest freestanding structure for over three decades. The CN Tower is a testament to human achievement, a symbol of Canadian pride, and a must-see destination for everyone visiting Toronto

2. Axe Throwing

Unleash your inner warrior and challenge your precision and strength at one of Toronto’s axe-throwing venues, featuring expert coaches and unique axe-throwing experiences that you won’t find anywhere else.

3. Distillery District

Step into a world of Victorian-era charm and artistic flair at Toronto’s pedestrian-only Distillery District, boasting an array of galleries, shops, and restaurants that celebrate the city’s heritage and creativity.

4. Kensington Market

Get lost in the vibrant and multicultural tapestry of Kensington Market, where you can browse through vintage shops, admire colorful street art, and savor the flavors of the world in the neighborhood’s diverse array of eateries.

5. Comedy Shows

Laugh until your sides hurt with Toronto’s comedy scene, showcasing some of the funniest comedians from Canada and beyond, in venues ranging from intimate clubs to grand theaters. Experience the unique energy and wit of each performer, ensuring a night out that’s both hilarious and unforgettable.

6. Patios

Bask in the sunshine and savor your favorite drinks and dishes on the enchanting patios in Toronto, where you can witness the vibrant urban life while relaxing in the cozy and inviting atmosphere.

7. Board Game Cafés

Escape into a world of endless possibilities and endless fun at one of Toronto’s cozy and inviting board game cafés, where you can sip on delicious drinks and snacks while playing your favorite games with friends and family.

8. Casa Loma

Step into a fairytale at Casa Loma, a magnificent castle that boasts stunning architecture, lush gardens, and breathtaking views of Toronto’s skyline. This gothic-style castle is a must-visit for history buffs and romantics alike.

9. Puppy Yoga

Experience a one-of-a-kind yoga session that combines the ancient art of yoga with the heartwarming companionship of puppies, leaving you feeling revitalized, rejuvenated, and overflowing with love.

10. Concerts

Let the rhythm of Toronto’s music scene take you on a wild and exotic journey, with diverse and talented musicians from all over the world performing in stunning venues that will leave you breathless.

11. Bowling

Step into a universe of neon lights, funky vibes, and friendly competition at Toronto’s coolest bowling alleys, where you can perfect your bowling skills and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

12. Boat Cruises

Explore the stunning beauty of Toronto from a whole new perspective by taking a magical boat cruise, where you can indulge in exquisite cuisine, dance to the beat of the music, and marvel at the breathtaking views of the city skyline and the tranquil Toronto Islands.

13. Picnicking

Immerse yourself in Toronto’s natural beauty by enjoying a picnic with friends and family in one of the city’s many picturesque parks. From sprawling lawns to blooming gardens, each park offers a unique and tranquil setting to relax and unwind.

14. Museums

Step into a world of wonder and discovery by exploring Toronto’s diverse museum scene. From interactive exhibits to rare artifacts, each museum offers a unique perspective on art, history, and science, providing an enriching and immersive experience.

15. Drink Tours

Satisfy your thirst for adventure by embarking on a drink tour that will take you on a journey through Toronto’s vibrant bar scene. Sample a wide range of cocktails and craft beers while learning about the city’s rich history and culture.

16. Cabana Pool Bar

Escape to a tropical paradise in the heart of Toronto at Cabana Pool Bar. Lounge by the pool while sipping on exotic drinks and enjoying the beats of renowned DJs and live music performers, making it the perfect summer day or night out.

17. Lipstick Workshop

Indulge in a luxurious experience as you unleash your creativity and learn how to create stunning lip looks using premium materials and techniques at a glamorous lipstick workshop.

18. Canadian National Exhibition

Join the fun and excitement at the Canadian National Exhibition, where you can indulge in unique and delicious food offerings, ride thrilling carnival attractions, and immerse yourself in the rich culture and entertainment of Canada.

19. Harbourfront Music Garden

Situated at Toronto’s beautiful waterfront, this picturesque garden offers free concerts and performances all summer long. Enjoy live music surrounded by lush greenery and stunning views of Lake Ontario.

20. Food Events

Showcase the diverse and delicious cuisines from all around the world. From street food festivals to high-end dining events, foodies will never run out of options.

21. Beaches

Escape to a tropical paradise without visiting the beaches in Toronto! Each beach has its unique charm, providing a perfect oasis for sunbathing, swimming, and water sports activities.

22. Ice Skating

Embrace the winter wonderland and glide on the ice at Toronto’s enchanting ice skating rinks. From picturesque outdoor rinks to state-of-the-art indoor arenas, skaters of all levels can revel in the festive atmosphere and create unforgettable memories.

23. Arcade Bars

Step into a world of nostalgia and excitement at Toronto’s arcade bars, where classic games meet craft cocktails. These retro-cool hangouts are perfect for a fun night out with friends or a playful date.

24. Sky Zone

Take flight and soar to new heights at Toronto’s premier trampoline park. Sky Zone offers an exhilarating experience with a range of activities like dodgeball, freestyle jumping, and foam pits, providing an adrenaline rush like no other.

25. Paddle Boarding/Kayaking

Embark on a picturesque adventure and explore Toronto’s waterways by paddleboarding or kayaking. These serene water sports activities offer a unique perspective of the city, all while getting a great workout.

26. Canada’s Wonderland

Experience a world of thrills and excitement at Canada’s Wonderland, home to over 200 attractions including pulse-pounding roller coasters, exhilarating water rides, and live entertainment shows that are sure to leave you breathless and wanting more.

27. Pottery Class

Discover your inner artist and create something truly special at a pottery class in Toronto. Get your hands dirty and sculpt your way to a unique masterpiece while enjoying a relaxing and meditative experience.

28. Rock Climbing

Test your limits and challenge yourself at one of Toronto’s top rock climbing gyms. With a range of routes for all skill levels, you can elevate your fitness and have an unforgettable experience.

29. Cooking Class

Embark on a culinary journey and discover the flavors and secrets of exotic cuisines from around the world. Learn from expert chefs in a hands-on cooking class that offers a unique and immersive experience.

29. Cooking Class

Embark on a culinary journey and discover the flavors and secrets of exotic cuisines from around the world. Learn from expert chefs in a hands-on cooking class that offers a unique and immersive experience.

30. Movie Night

Experience the magic of the big screen at one of Toronto’s iconic movie theaters. With a variety of films to choose from and all the snacks you could want, movie night in Toronto is the perfect night out.

31. Nuit Blanche

Experience Toronto’s vibrant art scene like never before at Nuit Blanche, an all-night contemporary art event that takes place every year. Explore the city’s creative side as you view hundreds of exhibits, installations, and performances that transform the streets into a magical wonderland.

32. Pursuit OCR

Put your skills to the test at Pursuit OCR, an indoor obstacle course that’s perfect for both adults and kids. With over 30,000 square feet of challenging obstacles, including a zip line, climbing wall, and ninja warrior course, you’re sure to have a heart-pumping adventure that will leave you feeling accomplished.

33. Escape Room

Do you have what it takes to escape in time? Work with your friends to solve puzzles, find clues, and unlock secret passages at Escape Room, where each themed room offers a unique challenge. Race against the clock to unravel the mystery and escape before time runs out.

34. Medieval Times

Step into a world of gallant knights and fair maidens at Medieval Times, where you can enjoy a thrilling dinner and show experience like no other. Feast on a four-course meal while cheering on your favorite knight in jousting tournaments, sword fights, and other exciting battles.

35. Chinatown

Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds, and flavors of Asia at Toronto’s vibrant Chinatown. Shop for traditional Asian goods, indulge in authentic Asian cuisine, and soak up the bustling atmosphere that transports you to another world.

36. Stackt Market

Discover a unique shopping experience at Stackt Market, a sustainable marketplace built entirely out of shipping containers. Shop for artisanal goods, sample local food and drink, and enjoy the lively atmosphere that makes Stackt a must-visit destination in Toronto.

37. The Comrade

Experience the perfect blend of classic and modern at The Comrade, a chic cocktail bar that offers a selection of premium drinks made with both traditional and innovative techniques and ingredients.

38. Golf

Perfect your swing at one of Toronto’s many golf courses or driving ranges. With stunning views and challenging courses, you’ll enjoy a day of relaxation and fun as you play one of the world’s most popular sports.

39. Rage Room

Release your pent-up frustrations and let loose at the Rage Room, where you can smash and destroy various items in a controlled environment. Choose from a range of items to break, including plates, electronics, and furniture, and let your inner anger out in a safe and fun way.

40. Music Festival

Dance the night away at one of Toronto’s many music festivals, featuring a diverse range of artists and genres. From big-name headliners to local talent, there’s something for everyone to enjoy and discover.

41. The Lockhart

Harry Potter fans will love The Lockhart, a cozy bar inspired by the wizarding world. Sip on delicious cocktails and admire the enchanting decor as you immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere.

42. Paint & Wine

Unleash your inner artist while sipping on delicious wine at this fun and relaxing event. A professional artist will guide you through the process of creating your own masterpiece, making it a perfect activity for a date night or girls’ night out.

43. Night Out on the Town

Toronto offers endless options for a night out on the town, from trendy rooftop bars to underground clubs. Get dressed up and explore the city’s vibrant nightlife scene, filled with music, cocktails, and good company.

44. Go Karting

Experience the thrill of go-karting with friends and family at Toronto’s premier tracks. Challenge your driving skills and feel the rush of adrenaline as you race around the track at Go Karting. From beginners to seasoned drivers, everyone can enjoy an unforgettable experience at these top-notch facilities.

45. St. Lawrence Market

Foodies rejoice! St. Lawrence Market is a must-visit destination for anyone who loves food. Browse through over 100 vendors selling fresh produce, meats, cheeses, and baked goods, and sample delicious international cuisine.

46. The Bubble

Experience the fun and excitement of Toronto’s only indoor playground filled with bouncy castles, slides, and obstacles. Perfect for kids and kids at heart, The Bubble is a unique and exhilarating way to spend an afternoon.

47. Mill Street Brew Pub

Satisfy your thirst for great beer and delicious pub-style fare at Mill Street Brew Pub. A unique dining experience that offers a selection of year-round and seasonal beers, brewed on-site with quality ingredients.

48. Mixology Class

Unleash your inner bartender and learn to craft cocktails like a pro at a Mixology Class. Discover the art of balancing flavors, creating unique garnishes, and impressing your friends with your newfound skills.

49. The Cloak Bar

Step back in time to the Prohibition era at The Cloak Bar, a speakeasy-style establishment that serves up creative cocktails in an intimate, candlelit atmosphere. Imbibe in classic drinks with a modern twist and lose yourself in the vintage ambiance.

50. Boxcar Social

Sip on specialty coffees and indulge in small plates while you enjoy a relaxed and cozy ambiance at Boxcar Social. Whether you’re in the mood for a glass of wine, a coffee, or a snack, this café and wine bar has got you covered.

51. Kensington Brewing Company

Step into Kensington Brewing Company, a brewery and taproom that is passionate about brewing unique and quality craft beer. With a focus on experimentation and creativity, each brew is crafted with care and served with pride.

52. Ripley's Aquarium

Immerse yourself in the enchanting and captivating world of jellyfish found exclusively in the Planet Jellies exhibit at Ripley’s Aquarium. Discover these graceful and mesmerizing creatures up close as they dance and float through a stunning, multicolored display.

53. Steam Whistle Brewery

Take a tour of Steam Whistle Brewery and discover the passion and care that goes into crafting their signature pilsner. Afterwards, relax in the lively atmosphere of their taproom and enjoy a cold one.

54. Rorschach Brewing Co

Explore the ever-changing selection of unique and experimental small-batch beers at Rorschach Brewing Co. The brewery and taproom are constantly innovating, using unusual ingredients and flavors to create bold and exciting new brews.

55. BarChef

Indulge in the luxurious and innovative world of high-end cocktails at BarChef. This cocktail bar is known for its imaginative and artistic approach to drinks, using unique ingredients and techniques to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

56. The Cameron House

This historic venue has been a hub for live music and performances since 1981, featuring a diverse range of local and international artists, and boasting a cozy and intimate atmosphere.

57. The Pilot

With a rooftop patio offering stunning views of the city, The Pilot is the perfect spot for a night out with friends or a romantic date. Sip on creative cocktails and enjoy the buzzing atmosphere.

58. El Catrin

Step into a world of authentic Mexican cuisine and tequila at El Catrin, a vibrant restaurant and bar that features traditional dishes, fresh ingredients, and an extensive selection of tequilas.

59. Bangarang

Take a trip back in time to the golden age of arcade games at Bangarang, an arcade and bar that offers classic games and a variety of craft beers and cocktails, perfect for a fun night out with friends.

60. Lou Dawg's

Get your barbecue fix at Lou Dawg’s, a popular restaurant and bar that serves up delicious smoked meats, along with a selection of beers and cocktails. With a laid-back atmosphere and friendly staff, it’s the perfect spot for a casual night out.

61. The Madison Avenue Pub

The Madison Avenue Pub has an old-school charm that’s hard to resist. With its vintage decor and warm, welcoming atmosphere, it’s the perfect spot for anyone looking to experience a bit of Toronto’s history. Enjoy signature cocktails with breathtaking views from their rooftop patio, indulge in unique pub-style fare, and sample craft beers on tap.

Madison Avenue Pub

62. Left Field Brewery

Take a trip to Left Field Brewery, where you’ll find a laid-back atmosphere and a wide range of creative, small-batch beers that push the boundaries of traditional brewing. The friendly staff and cozy taproom make it a perfect spot for a casual night out with friends.

63. Snakes & Lattes Midtown

Enjoy an evening of games and delicious food at Snakes & Lattes Midtown, a board game café that offers a large selection of games along with snacks, sandwiches, and drinks.

64. The Black Hoof

Indulge in a luxurious culinary experience at The Black Hoof, a stylish charcuterie and wine bar that features an extensive selection of artisanal meats and cheeses, paired with a carefully curated wine list.

65. Lucky Shrike

Unleash your adventurous side and try something new at Lucky Shrike, a trendy cocktail bar that features a rotating selection of creative drinks made with premium, high-quality ingredients.

66. Henderson Brewing Co.

Satisfy your thirst for quality and sustainability at Henderson Brewing Co., a local brewery and taproom that offers a selection of classic and innovative beers, all crafted with locally-sourced, environmentally-friendly ingredients.

67. The Only Café

Step into a cozy, relaxed atmosphere at The Only Café, a friendly bar and restaurant that offers a constantly rotating selection of craft beers from all over the world, as well as a menu of classic pub-style fare.

68. Ice Fest

Embrace the winter season and head to Yorkville for the annual Ice Fest, where you’ll marvel at the stunning ice sculptures that line the streets. Warm up with hot chocolate and delicious food from local vendors, and enjoy a variety of winter activities that are fun for the whole family.

69. The Rebel House

Located in the heart of Rosedale, The Rebel House is a cozy pub and restaurant that offers a rotating selection of craft beers and classic pub fare. With a warm and welcoming atmosphere, it’s the perfect spot for a night out with friends.

70. The Dog's Bollocks

A British-inspired bar and restaurant that offers a selection of craft beers and cocktails, along with a menu of pub-style fare, including classic dishes like fish and chips and shepherd’s pie.

71. Sports Games

Experience the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat while cheering for your favorite teams at Toronto’s electric sports bars, offering a unique and immersive atmosphere to watch the game

72. Clinton's

A live music venue and bar that features performances from local and international artists, along with a diverse selection of drinks. Known for its lively atmosphere and eclectic crowd, it’s a must-visit for music lovers.

73. Thirsty & Miserable

A cozy bar that offers a carefully curated selection of craft beers and a menu of simple, yet delicious, bar snacks. With a laid-back vibe and friendly staff, it’s the perfect spot to unwind after a long day.

74. Cold Tea

A hip bar and restaurant that offers a selection of Asian-inspired dishes and a variety of craft beers and cocktails. With a laid-back atmosphere and regular DJ sets, it’s a popular spot for a night out.

75. Bar Volo

A hip bar and restaurant that offers a selection of Asian-inspired dishes and a variety of craft beers and cocktails. With a laid-back atmosphere and regular DJ sets, it’s a popular spot for a night out.

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