The 6 Best Drain Cleaning Companies in Toronto [2023]

We conduct thorough testing and research on all the services that we review. We are based in Toronto and here is why you can rely on our reviews.

We frequently underestimate how hard our plumbing system works to provide us with fresh, clean water and to dispose of debris in a hygienic manner. That is, until a single drain is broken, causing a major impact across your entire plumbing system. 

That’s where we can help! If you’re looking for the best drain cleaning services, look no further as  Toronto has some of the best professional plumbers who can quickly dislodge and clean your drains so that they’re good as new.

By contacting one of these experts, you can expect quality plumbing services that will have keep your drains running smoothly for years to come. While you can try some DIY drain cleaning methods, we recommend that you contact them before experimenting with drain cleaning solutions on your own.

In this article, we will be sharing our list of the top 6 drain cleaning companies in Toronto.


How We Chose the Best Drain Cleaning in Toronto

We picked the best drain cleaning in Toronto based on their popularity and the diversity of services they provide, as well as what makes them stand out. These are the criteria we followed to choose the finest ones in Toronto.
  • Services Offered: We ensured that the professionals provide multiple services which include clogged kitchen drains, bathroom drains, utility rooms, sewer drains and much more! Plus additional cleaning such as chemical drain cleaning, power washing, and bio cleaning.
  • Quality: We ensured that the workers provide quality service through professionalism, giving advice, clean care, uniformed professionals and convenient appointment times.
  • Customer Reviews:  We included customer reviews to check that the expert performed a clean job, reliable, the service is quick and honest.

The Average Price for Drain Cleaning

The average cost for drain cleaning in Toronto can range between $99 to $750. We know that’s a large range, but this is due to several factors which can impact your cost, which includes:
  1. Location of the clog: There are two sewer lines, the main sewer line and the secondary sewer line. The main sewer line ($100 to $300) is what carries the wastewater directly to the city sewer or your home’s septic tank which is located beneath your yard and can be difficult to reach. 
    The secondary sewer line ($99 to $250) the plumber can usually fix within hours with simple tools. It  carries wastewater from secondary sources such as your toilet, shower, bathroom sink, washing machine etc. This goes into the main sewer line. 
  2. The severity of the issue: If the clog is severe you should expect to pay more for the specialized machinery and time. The experts will use drain cleaning cable machines (less expensive) and sewer jet machines (more expensive).
  3. Video Camera Inspection ($150- $300): This only occurs if the plumber cannot visibly see where the clog is coming from.
  4. Plumbers You Contact: A good plumber will usually charge a higher fee for their services. When looking for a reliable professional, look for the following qualifications:
    • License and insurance documentation
    • 10 or more years of experience
    • Customers in your neighbourhood have given them  five stars.
    • Up front cost estimates
    • A clear promise that the task will be performed
Nothing is more vital than the safety of your house. To reduce long-term drain damage, we recommend choosing a reputable plumber with several years of experience who can guarantee to deliver you the best results!

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Toronto’s Top 6 Drain Cleaning

1. Crystal Drain & Plumbing

Crystal Drain & Plumbing is a drain cleaning company that has been offering high-quality plumbing services to homes in Toronto and across the GTA for over 10 years. 

They are dedicated to offering the best drain cleaning service for your clogged drains. Drain cleaning requires careful attention to detail, since poor drain cleaning service can lead to recurring obstructions. 

They will pay special attention to the condition of your drain and take care not to harm your pipes/drains during the cleaning procedure. They inspect drains in your kitchen, bathroom, sewer, and utility room, and among other places. 

The services they offer includes drain cleaning, main drain, power flushing, clogged drains and many more!

Business Information:

Address:  108 Berry Rd, Etobicoke, ON M8Y 1W5
Phone: (647) 686-4566

Customer Review Highlights:

“Raymond was so helpful. He responded to my inquiry within 5 minutes and was available to help within a few hours if necessary. He is very knowledgeable, friendly and gives useful information. Courteous and gave high quality work at a great price. Would definitely recommend it!”
“Danny was excellent! We were looking to replace our bathroom sink and shower faucets, and he replied right away and we were able to book the job within a day or two. The job itself was completed efficiently, and looks great! Danny was friendly, professional and did a great job. Highly recommend it.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Multiple locations (Charles Street in Toronto and in Mississauga)  Might take a long for them to arrive.
Open 24 hours

2. Mr.Rooter

Since the founding of its first location in 1970, Mr.Rooter now has over 230 locations in North America. They have built a strong sense of community with their customer-focused approach to their services. 

Since your drains are one of the hardest working elements in your house or business. Mr.Rooter’s professionals will work around the clock to ensure that you have access to the essential comforts that modern drainage has to offer. They can fix all your drainage issues for your kitchen, bathroom, utility room and  more using their streamlined equipment and chemical solutions.

The services they offer include drain cleaning, clogged drains, plumbing repairs, plumbing diagnosis and inspection.

Business Information:

Address:  Toronto, ON M4E 2M8
Phone: 416-699-8623

Customer Review Highlights:

“Samuel Belay came to fix my kitchen sink and he was amazing, quick and very helpful. Would definitely recommend it. 10/10”
“Samuel Belay was professional and quick. He did a great job fixing my clogged bathroom drain and was very friendly in the process.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Open 24 hours Can charge more depending on the severity. Please contact them beforehand to confirm the price. Also, it is hard to get the schedule you prefer.
They are bonded and insured, do in-home estimates, never an overtime charge, licensed experts and much more!

3. Mike The Plumber 4 U

Mike the Plumber 4 U offers  a full range of services for your home or business by trained and licensed professionals. Whether it’s a simple toilet clog, drain backup, leaking pipe wall, or installations of new drains or faucets they got you covered.

For drain cleaning and repairs they have the most recent tools to give you powerful cleaning administration! With cleansers, fats, oil, and food travelling down your kitchen drain, the interior parts of your kitchen funnels may easily become clogged with development, causing an uncomfortable obstruction.

They have the most up-to-date equipment and innovation to supply effective depletion cleaning services that will reestablish your pipes framework and restore comfort to your home.

Business Information:

Phone: 416-333-9325

Customer Review Highlights:

“Stanley was AMAZING. I'd recommend asking for him personally. Very professional and gave priceless advice for us to keep everything working well. Just left here and reminded my gf to lock the door; very nice touch. Plan on using him in the future!”
“Amazing service! Friendly, polite and professional. Not a second wasted. Extremely fair prices. Had a few laughs while they were here. Very observant of the current crisis. Masks, gloves. This man does not mess around!”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Open 24 hours No address 
Upfront flat rate pricing
Never an overtime charge, uniform professionals , free estimate

4. Drain 1

Drain 1 is a family-owned drain cleaning company with over 35 years of experience in the industry.

Drain 1 Plumbing is committed to keeping your sinks and toilets running smoothly by offering the finest clogged drain Toronto service. They offer emergency clogged drain repair and cleaning services. 

They promise that these treatments will return all of your drains to normal operation. Their professionals have the necessary skills and experience to tackle a clogged toilet, kitchen sink, shower drains etc. They will offer you the greatest quality services at the most competitive prices in the industry.

The additional services they offer includes: Residential & Commercial Plumbing, Waterline Repair & Replacement, Waterproofing, Backwater valve Installation, Sewer Cleaning, and Camera Inspection.

Business Information:

Address:  718 Wilson Ave unit 206, North York, ON M3K 1E2
Phone: (416) 455-1122

Customer Review Highlights:

“Great experience. Paul and his team were professional, knowledgeable, well priced and prompt. I appreciate the care they took with my place when they removed the building trap. They kept me informed during the entire process. Definitely recommend Drain 1 for both large and small projects.”
“Paul was absolutely fabulous! He arrived when he said he would,He was very professional, very competent and courteous. I would absolutely refer him to anyone and will certainly be engaging Paul for any plumbing work in the future.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
One more location at woodbine Might arrive a bit later around 10 – 20 minutes.
Open 24 hours
Special offers: 15% Seniors Discount and 10% repeat customer discount 

5. Upland Plumber

For years Upland Plumberhas been delivering trusted professional plumbing services to residential homes in Toronto and across the GTA. 

Their number one priority is to provide the best draining cleaning services possible at competitive prices. Their professional drain cleaning services goal is to keep your drains running smoothly and ensuring to keep the drainage system in good condition at all times!

If you’re experiencing water that is draining slowly, unpleasant smells coming from it or gurgling noises, their experienced plumbing technicians will easily handle all kinds of drainage issues. Whether it’s your sink, kitchen, shower, and sewer drain. 

The services they offer includes: Drain Cleaning, Drain Repair, Water Main Repair, Sewer Line Repair, Emergency Plumbing

Business Information:

Address: 146 Willowdale Ave #226, North York, ON M2N 4Y5
Phone: +16479050380

Customer Review Highlights:

“They did a great job very fast and solved my plumbing issues very effectively! Happy with the work”
“Fantastic experience. They kept me informed every step of the way from when the tech would arrive to everything the tech did. Very happy with the service.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Open 24 hours  No address available just call them or email
Free estimates on their website by first scheduling an appointment, get professional advice, meet the plumbing expert and get their best services!

6. Priority Plumbing & Drains

Priority Plumbing and Drains mission is to improve their clients’ lives by providing the conveniences of advanced plumbing products and protecting them from the primary sources of flooding.

For over 25 years, they have specialised in resolving the most severe obstructions in sewage systems! They provide all of the most recent drain cleaning and repair technology. We can do anything if it’s out there. We will unclog your clogged house main drain for $99 dollars. Every 50′, a functioning 4″ cleanout is required to get access to the drain.

They offer multiple drain services from drain cleaning, drain repair, drain replacement, chemical drain cleaning, camera inspection, bio cleaning, hydro jetting, and waterproofing. 

Business Information:

Address:  1594 Dupont St, Toronto, ON M6P 3S7
Phone: (647) 699-4912

Customer Review Highlights:

“Great experience from this company starting with the reception (very courteous and communicative) and the actual work performed. David D. was the plumber and he did a great job to provide multiple options on the type of work required and related costs. Great service all around - I will definitely call them again if I need help in the future.”
“Have used this company's services twice. Each time professional, efficient service. Prices are fair and the owner and employees were quick to answer questions and made sure that the plumbing problems were resolved.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Open 24 hours They might charge additionally for emergency services.
Reasonable warranty policies 
You can book an appointment on their website 
They also do services for clogged toilets, sinks, bathtubs, showers and floor drains. 

FAQs About Drain Cleaning

If there’s a foul odour coming from your drains or any area, or large amounts of water form around your shower drain. Also, drains make gurgling noises when using other appliances like your washing machine and when you’re running sink water, your toilet water begins to bubble. Plus, water backup happens in your sink drain.
Professional drain cleaning just takes a few hours. You may anticipate your cleaning service to complete the job in less than three hours.
You should have the sewer lines cleaned every 18 to 22 months to ensure that the pipes are in excellent shape and clear of early stage obstructions or blockage.
The plumber puts the hose deep down the drain, then shoots high-pressure water from the nozzle to clear up all sections of the drain. The pressure is strong enough to wash away any material clinging to the drainpipe walls, making it difficult for debris to accumulate again.


In Toronto, there are various drain cleaning companies that can give you speedy, clean, and high-quality service. These professionals will not only clean your drains, but will also check everything to determine the root cause of the problem and advise you on how to avoid future troubles.

If you have a drain problem, contact one of the top 6 companies in Toronto that provide the best expert drain cleaning services!

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