Top 5 Electronics manufacturing companies in Ontario

If you need electronics manufactured to spec in Ontario, here are five companies in the Ontario area to call for the job, depending on what it is and where you are:
If you’re in the Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Medical, Wireless Communication, Green Energy or Aerospace and Defence industries, or need help with Design and Development, PCB Fabrication, Cable Harness Assembly, Mechanical Box Build Assembly or just Testing & Verification, then ECI Technology. ECI Technology are the people to call. Especially if you are located somewhere in Armdale in Scarborough, as that’s where most of their facilities are located, and their website is at They are also ISO 9001:2015 and Medical ISO 13485 certified, just in case you need that as well.
If you’re in the industries of Elevators, Pulp & Paper Mills, Food & Beverage, Wind Power, Robotics, Food Processing & Packaging, and the Military, and need new parts delivered or parts repaired for electronics in general, servo motors, servo valves, servo drives, ball screws and spindles, large motors, teach pendants, robot maintenance, and VFDs, try The IES Group. While they do work all across Canada, their only listed facility is in Mississauga, 1351 Matheson Blvd. E., Unit #5 and #6, Mississauga, Ontario, L4W 2A1, to be precise.
If you want a free project review for Electronic Engineering, Design, Prototyping and Manufacturing, there’s RMF Design and Manufacturing Inc. They’re registered under the Federal Controlled Goods Program, so if your project involves such Controlled Goods, they’re well, good, for it. They also have experience in the medical and diagnostic, airborne surveying, industrial, commercial, utilities, machine controls from vending machines to laboratory stirrers, LED lighting, water treatment, and the trucks and school bus fields, if anything in there’s what you need. As for location, they’re located in Mississauga as well, 5675 Timberlea Boulevard. Mississauga, Ontario, L4W 2S4, Canada. Lastly, they’re authorized by Professional Engineers Ontario.
If you’re specifically looking for rapid prototyping, custom project support, testing, and material management, why not go with the Permatech Electronics Corporation, at their website of the same name, They’re experienced in the medical, mining, communications, environmental services, utility management, testing and manufacture of equipment, and industrial and non-industrial assembly line industries. But their focus is custom Printed Circuit Boards so they’re not only useful in those industries, but useful to any industry that needs custom printed circuit boards. They also offer IPC Level II and III. Unlike most of the other companies on this list, they’re located in North York, 523 McNicoll Avenue, North York, Ontario, Canada M2H 2C9
Bittele Electronics, specializes in PCB Assembly, especially if it’s for prototypes and low-volume to mid-volume orders, with services such as PCB fabrication, parts procurement, and final circuit board assembly, with ISO9001 certified, and IPC-A-600 and IPC-A-610 compliant manufacturing. They also offer instant, online, quotes. Lastly, they’ve done work for Google, Amazon, Analog Devices, Dell, the Government of Canada, Intel, Adobe, ON Semiconductor, Oracle, STMicroelectronics, Stanford University, Texas Instruments, and Bosch. They have locations in China and Canada, with their Canadian Production Facility located in Markham, 2680 14th Avenue, Unit 1&2, Markham, ON L3R 5B2, Canada.
So, to summarize:
If you’re looking for electronics manufacture in a specific field, and that field is:
  • Medical technology, most of the companies just listed have experience in that area, ECI Technology, RMF Design and Manufacturing, and Permatech Electronics Corporation.
  • If you need circuit boards, then there’s ECI Technology , Permatech Electronics Corporation, and Bittele Electronics.

If you’re sorting by location, then there’s also a good spread. Only RMF Design and Manufacturing and The IES Group are both located in Mississauga. ECI Technology is in Scarborough,  Permatech Electronics Corporation is in North York, and Bittele Electronics has its production facility in Markham.

If you need certain certifications for your manufacturers, then:
    • ISO 9001 certification is possessed by both ECI Technology , and Bittele Electronics.
    • Medical ISO 13485 certification? Then go with ECI Technology.
    • IPC-A-600 or IPC-A-610 compliance? The only options are listed in Bittele Electronics and ECI Technology.
Finally, if none of these companies are able to supply your needs, try and look up a company that fits your criteria.