20 Toronto Blogs You Can Follow to Stay Current

It’s crucial to keep updated with what’s going on in your area, whether you’re planning to move or travel to Toronto or you’re already a resident. Staying current on local trends and developments will assist you in analyzing the industry, emerging technologies, real estate perspectives, obtaining inspiration and reliable advice and opinions.
Staying informed in today’s digital world is easier than ever before. With just one click, you can learn about what’s going on in your neighbourhood and around the world. So what better way to learn about your locals than through blogs? Here is a list of Toronto blogs that you can use to keep up with and learn more about your hometown.
Have you considered making a bucket list of things to do in Toronto? Well, Toronto blogs have already done the legwork for you; their website is chock-full of lists curated to include the best information and recommendations about the city and places to visit, whether it’s parks, cafes, restaurants, sports, fitness, or neighbourhood information.
BlogTO will introduce you to new Toronto restaurants, foods, and experiences. They also keep you up to date on local news and entertainment, including restaurants, real estate, health, event reviews and guides in Toronto.
With over a million followers, Toronto Life Blog is a social media powerhouse. On a monthly publication of Toronto’s latest local news, trends, wellness, politics, trends, lifestyle, restaurants, housing, and culture listings, anyone interested in learning more about Toronto and making decisions about shopping, eating, and general lifestyle choices in the diverse and vibrant city should follow.
Narcity Toronto is a good news outlet for providing the latest tips on shopping, restaurants, best places to eat and neighbourhoods to visit, sports, politics, social issues, and activities that are entertaining, relevant, and accurate content for Toronto residents.
Are you planning to move to Toronto? Or maybe you are looking to buy a house or sell; you will need information on the housing market. Toronto Realty Blog provides up-to-date information on the Toronto housing market. You may also contact their Toronto Realty Group to have an experienced agent assist you with their technical knowledge of the Toronto real estate market to facilitate a seamless transaction of your property buying and selling process.
Daily Hive Toronto began as a blog known as Vancity Buzz and has grown into your go-to local, new source. Daily Hive Toronto provides you with timely, accurate, and entertaining news about your community, whether it’s about politics, fitness, entertainment, or local sports.
The website of the Toronto Police Service provides up-to-date information about their work and the community to help residents remain updated and educate readers on safety and protection. Visit the Toronto Police Service if you want to get the latest news from the people who keep the city safe.
The Toronto designers blog has a well-curated collection of posts and subject lists, focusing on interior design, decorating, and art. In addition, their blogs contain compilations of the interiors in Toronto and interior design recommendations. So if you are interested in home design and decor or are looking for inspiration, you will enjoy their page.
All Things thrifty website is an arts and crafts blog where you can learn DIY and home decor makeovers on a budget and how to decorate your home and garden, food cooking and recipe ideas, beauty and travel advice, and so much more.
Food reviews on the city’s restaurants and eateries can be found on Toronto food blogs. This blog will come in handy if you are looking for first-hand thoughts and suggestions for the city’s best dining establishments. They have reviews of the best restaurants, bakeries and pastry shops, and cafes with a range of cuisines, including Asian, Indian, Italian, and French cuisines and their address locations and contact details, making it convenient for readers.
Lark & Linen, another interior design blog based in Toronto, will inform you and include professional design reviews on interior and related topics such as home decor and furniture, design tips and tricks, as well as entertainment, fashion, beauty, and travel blogs.
This is one of the essential blogs you need to follow when renting a house or apartment in Toronto. The blog post has many rentals listing every day. They also include rental guides and rent reports for you to compare and make better financial decisions for each year.
The blondie locks is an inspirational website to get food, fashion, DIY, beauty, home goods and interior tips, reviews and recommendations from the mamma blogger Kaylee.
Another local blog covers subjects such as celebrity news, sports, entertainment, TV, music, books, fashion design, fitness, cooking, and travel, among others. If any of these topics pique your curiosity, make sure to subscribe to get tips, motivation, and fresh ideas.
This photography blog has a gallery of professional images taken in Toronto that you might enjoy. When you visit the website, you can find a beautiful and colourful selection of photographs of the outdoors, indoors, food, travel, and other landscape and portrait photographs.
City by Heart is a blog where you can get the latest news on Toronto’s lifestyle, arts, events, holidays, movies, music, food, travel, and much more. Following will provide you with inspiration and top tips.
If you’re looking for tips and tricks on renovating and decorating your house, whether it’s for the holidays, birthday parties, or easy makeovers, the professional writer on Rambling Renovators will help. On a budget, rambling renovators will assist you in obtaining the required details and guides. The web is full of both modern and vintage home designs that perform well and contribute to a home’s aesthetic. However, this website is much better for you if you like the classic style because most of their design style is based on it.
Another essential design and lifestyle blog that will help you come up with fresh and unique ideas for home goods, tech, and product recommendations for the holidays or other activities based on her real-life experience
John and Juli Baker’s blog is called Kitka. They take their photographs and use personal details in their work. They own a shop and gallery, Mjölk, in Toronto’s Junction neighbourhood, sells vintage pieces for home use and talks about home projects and renovations on their blog, emphasizing its versatility, craftsmanship and timelessness to inspire you.
With the fast-paced city life of Toronto, you could use some me time. We recommend following the wellness blog, Health Casa, to get advice and suggestions on how to take care of your health, eat well, maintain your oral health, keep fit and do fitness workouts at home, as well as to get tips and precautions on the health sectors before seeing your doctor.

Keep yourself current, be Torontonian

Toronto has a colourful and culturally diverse setting. Unfortunately, since the area is large and full of businesses, it can be challenging to locate an exciting venue or festival right away to attend. But, luckily, blogs are an excellent way for us to get up-to-date, informative, relevant and meaningful topics. So don’t stress over your next dining experience, check out the blogs we listed above for personal feedback, perspectives, and recommendations and get to know Toronto better.