How to renovate your home in Toronto while on a budget

When examining Toronto’s real estate market, some notable trends have taken place during this year. One of the interesting things to note is that Toronto’s housing market typically experiences a slowdown during the summer months of July and August. However, it is safe to say that this year has been a unique experience, even for the real estate market. Due to the pandemic, many families opted to stay home during the summer and 42.3% more homes were sold during the month of September. This winter, real estate prices are projected to continue to rise.

When you are looking to upgrade areas of your house to get an ideal home setting, it may appear to be a simple procedure. When you take various project factors into account especially if you decide to do it by yourself, things such as your budget, the time you are willing to spend and possible construction alterations can turn your project into a more complex project. However, do not be discouraged by this, as it is still very possible to execute a home renovation project even with these factors. We have comprised a list of possible steps that you can take to ensure that your home renovation project goes to plan.

Preparing for renovation

Before conducting the renovation, we recommend that you complete the following actions:
  • Set your budget: determining a budget for your project is a crucial step for home renovation. Remember to account for everything that acts as a cost/expense and it is also best to have a 15% cushion so that you can resolve costs that catch you by surprise.

  • Purchase the supplies + equipment: Once your budget is set, you can begin to gather the supplies and equipment that you need for the project. You can even purchase minimally used equipment and materials if they suit your operation. If you are conducting a more difficult DIY project such as stone installation, make sure to pay close attention to the steps that you need to take.

  • Set up a usable space during the renovation:  If you are working on one of the main areas of your home such as your kitchen, make sure to assign an alternate area to make meals.

Once you have completed each of these steps, you can begin to renovate your home.

Here is a simple Breakdown of how you can renovate each of the common areas in your house:


  • Painting your cabinets – if you do not like the colour of your cabinets, you can paint them with a new colour to enhance the appearance of the area.

  • Adding backsplash – using backsplash in areas around your kitchen walls is an effective way of enhancing how the walls of your kitchen appear.

  • Examine if your kitchen needs appliances – appliances such as your refrigerator and stove can only last up to 15 and 20 years respectively. If you believe that your appliances are older than their life expectancy, consider purchasing and installing new appliances. 

  • Upgrading your countertops – Upgrading your countertops can improve its work space and its appearance.

  • Determine if your kitchen needs to be remodelled – remodelling your kitchen is best if you believe that the design of your kitchen is outdated and it needs a complete makeover. However, make sure that the renovation cost fits your budget.


  • Painting your walls – a small paint job can make your bathroom look new again.

  • Refinishing your bathtub – instead of buying a new one, it may be better to refinish it so that it can look newer.

  • Determine if the layout of your bathroom is suitable – if your bathroom layout is convenient for you, then consider upgrading it instead of completely altering your floor. 

Other areas

  • Removing a wall to extend the space of your home – if you want your home to look and feel more spacious, you can remove the wall that may be taking up space
  • Rearrange and refurbish furniture – refurbishing your furniture that make your furniture look brand new and it is effective for any budget

This is a simple breakdown of how you can renovate your home. Remember that you as a part of your home renovation are beyond your level of expertise, contact a professional for assistance. This is especially true when you are seeking to renovate the exterior of your home, as doing it on your own could result in property alterations or even damages. So, avoid attempting to conduct renovations that you do not have a full understanding about and contact a professional.