Halal Food

Looking for the best Halal Food in Toronto? No need to look any further than this page, as here you will find everything you need to find the best Halal restaurants in Toronto.
On this page, we will be exploring some of Toronto’s favourite halal food spots for kebabs, biryani, shawarma, and pitas. In the end, you’ll also find helpful guides on other halal foods that have been rising in popularity in recent years. The criteria which have been used for selecting these restaurants are its history, Google/Yelp reviews, as well as the overall experience at the restaurant.
Today you can find a variety of halal dishes available all over the GTA from kebabs to pizza or even fried chicken! It’s no surprise that people across different cultures have grown a newfound appreciation for halal cuisine even non-Muslim Torontonians.
Halal Food
Below are our top picks of Halal restaurants in Toronto that all foodies should visit. So whether you’re looking for a quick lunch or a sit-down dinner, read on to discover some of the best halal restaurants in Toronto.



Kebab is a Middle Eastern dish typically consisting of meat threaded on a skewer and grilled. Most traditional kebabs are made from ground or minced meat, usually, lamb or beef, although there are other variations such as chicken, fish, goat and paneer.
rayhon kebab

Rayhon Kebab

Rayhon Kebab is a halal restaurant that serves authentic Persian cuisine in the Richmond Hill area.

kebab istanbul

Kebab Istanbul

Kebab Istanbul is a humble halal restaurant located in Tuscany Place, Vaughan. This mom-&-pop shop serves authentic Turkish dishes such...

bamiyan kabob

Bamiyan Kabob

Bamiyan Kabob is a casual halal restaurant that serves authentic Afghani cuisines across its several locations throughout the GTA.

kebab 49

Kebab 49

Kebab 49 is a casual halal restaurant in Etobicoke known for its authentic Turkish cuisines such as kebabs, falafel, and...


Biryani is a popular dish in South Asia and it is made by cooking the ingredients together with rice. Biryani usually consists of rice, meat (chicken or goat), vegetables, eggs and spicy gravy sauce which makes the biryani tasty.
mughal mahal

Mughal Mahal Restaurant

Mughal Mahal Restaurant has been serving North Indian cuisine since 1990. They use traditional recipes to make their wonderful dishes.

Madras Masala

Madras Masala

Madras Masala is a modest South Indian restaurant that serves dishes such as dosas & curries plus Indian-Chinese fare. This...


Adrak Restaurant

Richmond Hill is home to Adrak, an upscale restaurant. They serve halal Indian food with a modern twist to the...

Ghareeb nawaz 1

Ghareeb Nawaz Restaurant

Ghareeb Nawaz Restaurant is a bustling halal restaurant found in Scarborough that offers both takeout and catering services.


The shawarma is similar to kebab but alternates between layers of meat and fat. The shawarma can also include fries, pickled vegetables and other condiments such as hummus or tahini.
shawarma land

Shawarma Land

Shawarma Land is one of Aurora's top Middle Eastern restaurants. This family-run restaurant is one of the best-looking shawarma joints...


Nick Famous shawarmas

If you're searching for a halal shawarma place in Aurora, Nick Famous Shawarmas is the place to go. This local...

mister laffa

Mister Laffa Shawarma House

Mister Laffa Shawarma House is a Middle Eastern restaurant that serves traditional cuisine like salads, shawarma and sandwiches. This place...

shawarma empire

Shawarma Empire

Shawarma Empire is the place to go in Scarborough for authentic Arabian-style shawarma. This restaurant is a famous halal shawarma...


Pita is a flatbread that is traditionally baked in a clay oven. Pita is usually stuffed with meat, vegetables, falafel and dressings.
pita licious


This is a Middle Eastern restaurant that serves some delicious halal cuisine. It's the perfect spot for people looking to...

shawarma land 4

Extreme Pita

Extreme Pita is a delicious and healthy choice for lunch on the go. The wraps are quick, tasty, nutritious -...

pita and grill

Pita & Grill

When you're feeling adventurous and looking for a new restaurant to try, Pita & Grill will not disappoint.

pita boss

Pita Boss

Pita Boss has the best shawarma in town. You’ll find this restaurant in the Greater Toronto Area serving some high-quality...

Halal Restaurants Guides

In this section, we will be exploring more halal food restaurants in GTA. These places are preferred by local halal foodies for their top-notch service, delicious dishes and cozy atmosphere.

FAQ on Halal Food

Halal is an Arabic word that means ‘permissible’ or ‘lawful’. Halal foods are foods that Muslims are allowed to eat. This food must come from livestock and not be contaminated with any traces of pork, alcohol, etc.

Common halal foods include chicken, lamb, beef and goat. Halal food also includes vegetables and fruits as long as they were not sprayed with any animal by-products. Some examples of halal snacks include such as chips and chocolate bars.

The main reason Muslims eat halal is that they must adhere to Islamic dietary laws. Halal food also follows Islamic rules of proper hygiene and healthy eating habits.

It is quite simple for a restaurant to be halal certified. To do so, the owner needs to hire an imam who can perform prayer on-site. After which, they need to provide a certificate from the local mosque to prove that the mosque has been performed on-site.


Halal food is slowly finding its way into the hearts of Torontonians. What was once just a fad has now turned into an everyday meal for people of all backgrounds in Toronto. The best Halal restaurants in Toronto are certainly not limited to these recommendations, so feel free to explore halal food in your area!
If you like more recommendations on other cuisines, feel free to check out our other food pages to find other restaurants from different cultures.
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