Very Fair Seafood Cuisine

Very Fair Seafood Cuisine

Address: 17 Milliken Blvd, Scarborough
Phone: (416) 299-6368

Very Fair Seafood Cuisines has been a staple spot for delicious dim sums in Scarborough for many years. This banquet hall is more upscale than your average dim sum spot, however, their prices are still comparable to those of a smaller mom & pop shop. From its grand storefront alone, you already know that you’re in for some delicious Chinese cuisine. Many residents from neighbouring cities such as Markham and Richmond Hill come here for their delicious dim sums and banquet dinners, especially during the weekends.

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As expected from a banquet hall, the space here is huge. As you step in, you can already tell this restaurant is designed for large events. In fact, throughout the years’ many memorable events including weddings, birthdays, and holiday celebrations are held here each month. This doesn’t come as a surprise as the space itself is beautifully decorated with Chinese-inspired designs with red being found throughout the space from the carpeted floors, cushioned seats, and walls. The space also features a chandelier, marble pillars, and even statues of a phoenix and a dragon, talk about grand.
The dim sum menu features 56 different items categorized as steamed, rice roll, baked, deep-fried, congee, and desserts. The size of each dish ranges from small to jumbo, with a price range between $4-$11. The portions sizes of the dishes fairly represent the price of the dishes. Some of the favourite dim sum items here are the har gow, radish cakes, and the glutinous rice with pork and preserved eggs in lotus leaf.
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The har gows are plumped with jumbo-sized shrimps wrapped in thin rice paper wrap.
Very Fair Seafood Cuisine2
Radish cakes have a nice crispy exterior, and when you bite into them you’ll get a nice fragrant flavour of radish.
Very Fair Seafood Cuisine3
Lastly, the glutinous rice is a meal in itself as it comes with a generous amount of rice, and the inside is filled with goodies like savoury pork and salted egg yolk.
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For dessert, you’ll have to try their mango pudding which comes in either a koi or heart shape and is served with condensed milk. This dessert is packed with the delicious sweet flavour mango, and the sweetness is balanced out by the milder taste of condensed milk.
If you are looking for some delicious dim sums served in a grand setting, then Very Fair Seafood has you covered. Whether you are coming during the daytime or night, the food here is always consistently delicious. Service charges are included in the bill, so you don’t have to tip again (unless you really like the food here).

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