Viet Thai Kitchen

Viet Thai Kitchen
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Address: 1468 Victoria Park Ave #1, North York
Phone: (647) 347-4448

Viet Thai Kitchen is your one-stop shop for authentic Vietnamese and Thai food. Located by Eglinton & Victoria Park Ave, this is where you get your fix of Pho, Curries, Pad Thai, and more. This restaurant is open every day from 11 a.m. – 9:30 p.m. (except for Mondays). If you’re in the North York neighbourhood and want to try some authentic Vietnamese and Thai food, this is the place to do it!
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This restaurant offers an inviting atmosphere with its simple, yet traditional decor. Around the restaurant, you will find a few Thai trinkets here and there which add to the authenticity of the place. It has comfortable seating arrangements for both small tables of 2-3 people as well as larger tables that can seat 4-8 people at a time. At the back, you will also find a large flat screen tv, which would be great to catch the game.
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Viet Thai Kitchen offers a wide variety of dishes to satisfy even the pickiest eaters. They have appetizers that range from fresh mango salads to fried shrimp chips, satay skewers and deep-fried chicken wings.
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For your main dishes, you’ve got to get their Pad Thai, which is one of their specialties. This dish consists of stir-fried rice noodles with chicken/shrimp, bean sprouts, eggs and crushed peanuts on the side. There are few places that do Pad Thai as well as Viet Thai Kitchen does it! For extra heat, add some of their homemade chilli oil which you can also purchase a jar of if you want to use it at home.
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Next up on the list of must-try dishes would be their Pho soup. This dish consists of rice noodles in hot broth with your choice of chicken/beef. It is topped off with fresh bean sprouts, lime and basil. You can always count on this dish to fill you up.
As for the drink, you can’t go wrong with the classic Thai Tea. It is a delicious creamy iced drink that will quench your thirst any time of the day.
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For dessert, their Thai Coconut Sorbet is definitely worth a try. This white sorbet is made from coconut milk and served with pieces of coconut pulp in a coconut husk. It’s a very refreshing dish to conclude your meal, which you won’t find at every Thai restaurant.
Vietnamese and Thai dishes are mostly known for their spicy flavours, but at Viet Thai Kitchen, the dishes can be made in a milder version, so you can still enjoy your favourite dishes without worrying about the spiciness of it all!

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