Warden Woods Trail

Photo by @ mynameis_mags via Instagram

Phone: +1 (416) 338-4386
Address: 74 Fir Valley Ct, Toronto, ON M1H 3W5

This is an 85 acres trail that is open all year round. The Warden Woods Trail is popular for hiking, cycling, walking, snowshoeing and more. It is also a lovely area to walk your dog and you’ll find some wonderful wildlife nearby such as birds and other small animals. There is also an off-the-leash dog park in the area for any pet owners interested. It is open all year round and has a low trail difficulty.
The trail is located at 74 Fir Valley Ct and there are many ways to reach this park. Many choose to take the car as it’s quick and there are numerous parking spots in the area. But some also prefer taking the TTC as it is very reliable. If you get off the line 2 subway at Warden Station, you’d be 12 min walking distance from the park. Both the 16 and 17 buses also stop at this station. Depending on how close you are, you can even bike or walk to this park.
The trail at this place is amazing. The first half overlooks many trees giving an ample amount of shade from the sun. The second half is more sparse with greenery but offers beautiful scenic views including a picturesque creek. You can cross the body of water by the bridge in the area. It’s hard to miss as both sides are marked with giant archways. Stop and take some nice pictures here.
If you’d like a bit of peace and quiet we recommend visiting during the early mornings or afternoons on the weekdays as there are fewer people visiting during that time. Taking a stroll on this 3.2 km trail is the perfect thing to clear your head. The local flora also makes for a relaxing walk. So even though you’re in the city, this trail makes it seem like you are immersed in a tranquil forest. Many people enjoy spending time here for a peaceful nature getaway.
There are also plenty of smaller trails to explore in the area. They are more gravel and dirt paths, they are easy to navigate. While this place is beautiful all year round, we recommend visiting during the fall season as the leaves are at their prettiest with beautiful fall colours. This is a nice forested trail in Scarborough with a dense canopy. Altogether, walking this trail takes about 30 min and can be even quicker depending on the activity used to travel the area.
So if you’d like to visit a hidden gem of a trail in Toronto, we recommend visiting the Warden Woods Trail. With so many fun things to explore, you can easily spend a day here for a nice weekend outing.

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