West Humber Parkland

Photo by @ deepeshhmehta via Instagram

Phone: +1 (416) 338-4386
Address: 447 Albion Rd, Etobicoke, ON M9W 3P7

This place isn’t just a great trail, it also has two playgrounds, 5 soccer fields and a great outdoor space for picnics and games. You will also find a number of trails that are perfect for biking and hiking. And as you explore the area, you’re bound to spot a few waterfowls such as ducks, geese and swans. This is because there are 5 ponds in West Humber Parkland, so birds tend to flock to the area. Just be careful not to feed them as much of our food can be harmful to them.
This park is located at 447 Albion Rd in Etobicoke. If you’re driving you’ll find it in the east end of Rexdale. So all you have to do is get off the Highway 401 and 400 interchange to reach it. Another popular way to reach this park is by taking the TTC. Taking bus 165 to Lanyard Rd leaves you 5 min walking distance from the park. If your nearby biking is a great option as there are 58 biking trails in the area.
West Humber Parkland is a 10 km trail that takes on average 34 minutes to complete. This trail is beginner-friendly and is suitable for everyone. It is made with a paved path for added comfort and is great for hiking, biking, and running. There is a bit of an elevation to this path but it isn’t a steep climb. The altitude changes in this trail are 43 m and it is perfectly fine to travel this area in all weather conditions.
This trail is really popular locally for mountain biking. Depending on the season you can spot a variety of birds, animals and insects. If you’re hiking to see some wildlife, we suggest visiting earlier in the morning as more creatures are out and about during that time. This trail is near the Humber River, so the area is a bit cold even during the day which is great during the summer. However, this path isn’t as well maintained during the wintertime so it can a slippery then.
It doesn’t feel like you’re in the city when you’re on this trail, in fact, many visit to get away from the noise. There are a lot of wildflowers and trees to admire here, plus there are stunning views when it comes to the colour changing of the trees. You will find many people bringing their cameras to capture the beautiful sceneries you will find here. Here, you’ll also find a popular shrine called the “Marian Shrine of Gratitude” nearby a place said to bring miracles.
The West Humber Parkland is a fun place to visit if you’re looking to get away from the bustle of the city. It is quiet and has an easy trail that even beginners can complete without trouble. Come for a visit if you’re interested in exploring the wildlife and gorgeous views here.

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