Wiang Kuk Thai Food

Wiang Kuk Thai Food
Yelp/Wei C.

Address: 3255 Hwy 7, Markham
Phone: (416) 899-8720

Wiang Kuk Thai Food is a casual traditional Thai restaurant located in the food court of the famous Chinese plaza “First Markham Place”. This spot has been the go-to place for Thai food in Markham for a long time. Wiang Kuk means “garden market” in the northern Thai dialect. It is not your average garden market where you can find fresh veggies and fruits, but “wiang kuk” refers to the traditional market set up during the daytime at temples in Thailand. In this case, the restaurant uses this concept to present Thai cuisine in a different way.
Wiang Kuk is more of a takeout spot, however, you can still opt for dine-in at the plaza’s food court where there’s plenty of seating available. As you are waiting for your food, you can watch as the chef prepares your dish from scratch right in front of you.
Wiang Kuk Thai Food 4
The menu has over 30 different dishes, including soups, appetizers and rice + noodle combos. For each dish, you can customize the spice level from 1/4 of a chilli – to 3 chillies. A word of caution, don’t underestimate the “1/4” level.
A favourite here is the Thai coconut noodle soup (beef) which is generously portioned in a large bowl. It comes with thick noodles, ground-up beef and crunchy “nam phrik” (Thai chilli) on the side. Although this dish might not be as spicy as other Thai noodle soups, it has its own special flavour which you will soon love after just one sip!
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Yelp/Jenny H.
Another classic is the Chef’s special fried rice which is loaded with a golden colour crispy egg, lots of beef and well-seasoned vegetables. The portions are quite big so you will definitely be full after finishing it!
Wiang Kuk Thai Food 2
Yelp/Wei C.
They also serve great Thai curries which are not for the faint of heart. If you are into spicy food, don’t miss this opportunity to try some authentic Thai curries that will make your nose run.
Wiang Kuk Thai Food 3
Yelp/Chris C.
Lastly, you can’t forget about their mango sticky rice. It’s served covered in fresh ripe mango with coconut sticky rice at the bottom. This is a perfect dessert to cool off after a spicy meal!
All in all, Wiang Kuk offers a unique Thai food experience. This humble Thai food stall in First Markham place has been around for a long time and they have maintained its great quality dishes and at great prices too. The food here is made from scratch with fresh ingredients. If you are looking for a break from the usual Chinese/Canadian/Italian foods, make sure to check out this restaurant!

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