Xiaolongkan Chinese Fondue

Xiaolongkan Chinese Fondue
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Address: 3280 Midland Ave
Telephone: 416-332-2700

Xiaolongkan Chinese Fondue is originally from Chengdu, China, and has expanded to over 1000 locations worldwide including two locations in the GTA, Richmond Hill, and Scarborough. If you are looking for an authentic Sichuan hot pot experience, Xiaolongkan Chinese Fondue is the ideal place for you!
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The first thing you will notice when walking into Xiaolongkan is that the restaurant has traditional Chinese decor, you can see a big dragon statue and Chinese characters outside of the restaurant. On the inside, it’s not much different, with a charming atmosphere, the whole place is traditionally Chinese decorated. The restaurant is spacious and comfortable, with large marble tables and wooden benches. This place will make you feel like your hot pot experience is right in China!
Xiaolongkan Chinese Fondue 2
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Xiaolongkan Chinese Fondue has a wide menu with healthy ingredients. If you are looking to jump right on a spicy soup base, you can try their traditional spicy soup, it’s just like the traditional Sichuan taste. If you are looking for something less spicy, the traditional spicy soup is also available in a mild taste or you can also try the tomato soup base, it’s just as delicious as any other soup that they have.
Additionally, the restaurant offers a variety of fresh meat, including hand-cut local lamb, pork meat, rose ball, spicy chili beef, and more. They also have a variety of seafood and fresh vegetables, all of these ingredients are fresh and you can add to your hot pot.
Xiaolongkan Chinese Fondue 3
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The restaurant has its own sauce station like most hot pot restaurants, but unfortunately you will have to pay for it separately ($3.99). And if you feel like having a dessert, their ice jelly with brown sugar & nuts offers a sweet refreshing flavour.
If you are looking for an authentic Sichuan hot pot experience, Xiaolongkan Chinese Fondue is definitely the place to go, with wide menu options and fresh ingredients, you will enjoy every minute of your visit here!

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