Ye Skewers

Ye Skewers
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Phone: +1 (647) 340-1818
Address: 3260 Midland Ave F111, Scarborough, ON M1V 0C7

This is a casual restaurant that serves Sichuan-style skewer hot pot. Ye Skewers is run by three friends who want to bring the authentic experience of skewer hot pot to Toronto. The skewer hot pot is a dish that many customers fall in love with because of its taste and unique presentation. You get to skewer all the ingredients before putting them in the broth which not only makes it an easier way to cook, but it’s also a fun way to experiment with different ingredients.
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This is a perfect place to visit as a group. Not only is it interactive but you’ll also get a delicious meal out of it. This restaurant is very chill and many friends come here for hangouts because of the nice ambience of the interior. The darker tone decor is beautifully contrasted by the bright lights here. The marbled walls are lit to really accentuate the colour scheme of the black tables and wooden chairs.
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Since this is an all-you-can-eat place you have your own choice of broths, vegetables and meats. A personal favourite is the wild mushroom soup base. This broth is light and a little earthy from the mushrooms. You can do whatever you’d like with the skewers. A popular option is to wrap the meat around your choice of vegetables to make it a little more healthy. You could also add in some enoki mushrooms for a slight crunch and delicate flavour.
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Another favourite here is the Signature Spicy Soup Sase. It’s rich in flavour and works well with a variety of ingredients. You can choose the spice level for this broth to suit your tastes. A must-try meat that goes really well with this broth is the wagyu beef. The beef melts in your mouth after soaking up the broth flavours. Another delicious combo to try is beef with pineapple. It has the right amount of savoury and sweet plus it adds some crunch.
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No meal is complete without some sweet dessert to top it off. Luckily, Ye Skewers has plenty of options to choose from. Although many prefer to go with the classic option of vanilla ice cream. If you’d like something a little different we recommend trying the brown sugar jelly here as well.
Ye Skewers is the perfect place to visit if you’re looking to try a hot pot that’s a little different from the norm. They have hundreds of options to choose from when it comes to their meat and vegetables plus their food never disappoints.

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