Yu Seafood

Yu Seafood
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Address: 270 West Beaver Creek Rd, Richmond Hill
Phone: (905) 881-1688

If you’re looking for a fine dining restaurant that serves dim sums, then you’ve come to the right place. Yu Seafood is an elegant Chinese restaurant located in Richmond Hill which specializes in Chinese seafood dishes, as well as dim sum. This is probably one of the fanciest dim sum spots in all of Toronto. Unlike most dim sum spots where it’s first come first served, at Yu’s, you can make a reservation to avoid having to wait. Even with a reservation, you should probably make it a day or two before, as this place is always packed.
Yu Seafood2
The interior at Yu Seafood definitely reflects that of a fine dining restaurant. The interior is decorated with tasteful mahogany wood from the dining booths to the wooden fences which offer more privacy for diners sitting at the booths. On the walls, you’ll also find artfully drawn Chinese calligraphy paintings which elevate the space even further. Although the space itself is quite large, they don’t try to fit as many tables as possible, unlike most dim sum places. Instead, every day is beautifully laid out and offers a peaceful dining environment.
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As a fine dining establishment, you’d expect the prices for dim sum to be drastically more expensive. Surprisingly, although the prices of the dishes are slightly more expensive than the average dim sum spot, it’s still quite reasonable at $4-$10 per dish. Their dim sum menu features 48 items including steamed dishes, fried dishes, rice noodles, dessert, and congee.
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The dim sum dish that’s often raved about from this restaurant is their Bamboo Charcoal & Egg Yolk Bun. From the outside, this exquisite dish is a round black-coloured bun with streaks of edible 24k gold, and inside you’ll also find more gold made with salted-sweet egg yolk custard which oozes out when you bite into it. This dish is sweet and creamy with a hint of savoriness from the egg yolk.
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If you’re feeling extra fancy, try their Lobster Combo ($98). This meal includes 5 dishes, most of which have lobster in them such as soup, a stir-fry lobster dish, and the fried rice. The seafood you get here is high quality and fresh. Plus they even have sashimi!
If you’re looking to treat yourself to an extravagant dim sum meal consider visiting Yu Seafood. Everything from the decorations to the food, you will not be disappointed. It can get pretty pricey here, but this will be an experience you’ll likely not forget.

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