Top 30 Hilarious Google Reviews in Toronto

Online reviews can be amazing for informing customers before they decide where to visit! That being said, some of the written reviews are much more entertaining to read than others. We’ve all seen them online when they go viral, the funny reviews are the best reviews to read as a consumer. With that in mind, we have compiled some of the funniest online Google reviews in Toronto in this article!


Sometimes the food you try is just so good that you remember your experience even years later. That was the case with this Google review. The review was given to a local burger joint called Apache Burger located in west Toronto.


This review comes from perhaps the most busy McDonald’s in Downtown Toronto. Located at the intersection of Queen st W and Spadina, the review might be a stretch for the nugget quality, but the people watching is one thing this review got spot on.


Ah a Canadian classic, watching the Toronto Maple Leafs get “smoked” during a hockey game.  A truly Canadian review of Scotiabank Arena in Downtown Toronto, even with the surely frustrating prices and busy crowds, our hockey experience is worthy of the 5 stars.


Sometimes you really have to butter up your customers when they haven’t had the best experience.  That’s what the staff at Moo Frites were doing to their customer Jeff Butter.  This review may not give you a laugh, but the response from the owners sure will.


Sounds like the bar was fun, but outside was a little bit ruff.  But noted “hole- in-the-wall” bar “Wide open” located in downtown Toronto gets the good vibes pass from this happy google reviewer that’s for sure!


Wayne Gretzky’s restaurant surely left an impact on this customer.  However, his review says little about the restaurant itself and more about the man behind the name.  Regardless, this customer evidently enjoyed his time with all the memorabilia!


John on the other hand didn’t feel the same way about a bar.  This comes at more of a shock since Wayne Gretzkey’s is advertised as a sports bar with Gretzky memorabilia.


A happy camper couldn’t resist making a joke about how great the Royal Ontario Museum was.  His computer code joke surely gives review readers a laugh before getting on the subway to visit history!


You have to read this review twice! The slight mention of a serial killer-esqe entry to this toronto bar might turn off some people from visiting, but not Jo! Clearly she didn’t regret that decision.  Just make sure you end up in the right basement!


We have to commend the owners at Pennies located on Strachan Ave, in between Queen and King! The response sure made us laugh! Tots for dinner is a dream of mine and I personally can’t wait to go as soon as possible.


Jamal too wanted to share his experience with Pennies Both review and response gave us a chuckle.  Jamal may have given a little too much information, but he seems to have thoroughly enjoyed his experience regardless!  We do have to agree with the owner, unlimited burgers does sound like more of a marathon than a sprint!


Ah eating seafood out of a bag like a “neanderthal” isn’t that the dream? Well, maybe not on a first date! But Captain’s Boil on Young street seems like the place to go for some finger licking seafood.


The most enthusiastic review we have read!  While chances are this is just another indoor toronto hockey arena, our review writer did not seem too impressed with it.  Maybe hockey just isn’t his thing?


Zet’s restaurant located on airport rd, earned this glowing review from a customer.  Though I have to say, I’m pretty sure there are only 24 hours in the day.  


While I’m sure the park reviewed is worth the five stars, unfortunately this doesn’t seem like the place to ask about parking.  A forum may be better or checking out the parking situation on site.


Well I can’t say that this reviewer is wrong!  The pizza from any Pizza Pizza in Toronto is pretty standard and solid.  The laugh from reading this review came from how obvious and straightforward it was.


During the months where the university doesn’t have students, they rent out rooms for vacationers.  However, this is a little bit puzzling where the cheesy buns come in to play.  Maybe our friend meant to review the restaurant next door rather than the accommodations.


This particular review of the Toronto Chik fil a location will give any music lover a good laugh.  The famous fast food chicken spot is mentioned on a song by Kanye West, if you couldn’t tell from this reviewer’s in depth connection between mr. West and chick fil a.


Once again another golden review to Chik fil a!  While this person did take the time to write a review, the food must have been amazing because in the pictures, all the food is clearly consumed.


Happy to hear that this customer was okay with the high food prices at Canada’s Wonderland.  They did seem impressed by rides, which definitely boosted the review.


Living in Toronto, you know how popular Nathan Phillips Square is to tourists and Torontonians alike.  This reviewer however, seems to be upset with the current state amidst all the corona virus limitations; we don’t blame him either!


Couldn’t have said it better myself!  What gives us the laugh comes from the first line and the tone of the review.  Clearly this person does NOT mess around with their ice cream, and it seems Tom’s Dairy Freeze has hit this one right on the head nailing down another loyal customer.


This reviewer made it seem like there wasn’t much to do at the famous Toronto Casa Loma, but with five stars like that, we know the attic and the tunnels had to have added to the uniqueness of their experience (as it does for all the visitors)!


After an initial review, the world famous Ripley’s Aquarium replied to the reviewer.  This however, was not up to the standards of the original reviewer.  As a response to the response, he changed his 5 star review to a 2 star review.  


In such a big city it isn’t a surprise some of the restaurants have more than just human guests!  Regardless this review did leave us laughing just with the vocabulary used.  Feeling bad for the customer, though the restaurant was more than happy to fix the issue at hand and take further steps to avoid another rodent client joining the other customers.


This review of the Toronto patio downtown gave us a laugh with mention of the weather and a mechanical stair lift.   I have to agree though 55 steps does seem like quite a trek for a few drinks.  However, the view might just be worth it!


This tourist’s name alone is making this review.  What makes it even better is that this is one of the few reviews the Queen st Warehouse restaurant responded to.  The content of the review may not be the funniest but surely the name is a killer.


This small juice bar in scarborough might have the shortest review on Google!  I’m going to infer that the reviewer did enjoy the food based on the stars, but that’s about it.  Not the most communicative review, and definitely the “shortest description ever”, for sure reading will give you a bit of a chuckle.


This was just shocking.  We have no clue how there could be bones in pizza? Bones from what?  Happy to see that the owner reached out to the reviewer to rectify the situation though.  Our laughs came from a place of puzzlement.  Left with a few more questions than answers after this one.


We know you’ve been waiting for this one.  As someone who is afraid of heights, I laughed out loud reading this one.  The height issue is a problem for so many people, but with 5 stars, it’s hard to say this customer didn’t have a good time at the tallest attraction in Canada.

Now that you have read through these reviews, what is your favourite Toronto attraction to visit, and do you think you’d be more likely to review your favourite place?