Ali's West Indian Roti Shop

Ali's West Indian Roti Shop
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Address: 1446 Queen St W, Toronto
Phone: (416) 532-7701

This humble Indian restaurant on Queen Street serves up a mean Roti, and they’re fast! Here they are known for their Roti, but they also have a fabulous selection of Caribbean food as well. This is the ideal spot to grab a quick bite for when you’re in a hurry. Plus everything here is halal.
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Inside the restaurant is modest, with minimal decoration. It is still well maintained despite its humble appearance. They have a few booths, as well as some table seating. The menu is located by the counter and is clearly marked with the prices, photos, and descriptions of what you are getting.
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The menu at Ali’s offers a wide variety of roti, as well as West Indian cuisine, which includes dishes such as rice and peas or curry chicken. The staff here are friendly and helpful. They were able to answer all my questions about their dishes and even gave me some suggestions based on what I was looking for in terms of taste and level of spiciness.
When you come here you have to try their rotis. They have numerous fillings to choose from with both vegetarian and meat options. A go-top favourite is the Boneless Beef Paratha Roti. This comes with tender beef chunks along with some delicious curry potatoes. You will love the soft paratha bread that is wrapped around it. It has a little bit of crispiness on the outside adding texture to the roti. The beef is tender and flavourful, while the potatoes are soft with chunks of onion throughout.
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Next up is the Jerk Chicken Dinner with Steam Rice ($15.95). It comes with some nice chunks of jerk chicken, while the rice is perfectly cooked and fluffy. They also provide you with a side salad to go along with your meal, which adds more texture. The dish itself tastes great and is very filling.
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Also, the doubles ($4.95) are just as delicious. They’re made with fried bread dough topped with chickpeas, hot sauce and chutney. You have to eat it when it’s freshly made so you get that crunch from the crispiness of the dough. It’s a bit greasy but well worth it since this goes great with their rotis.
This place really needs no introduction. It’s very popular with the local South Asians and Caribbean people who live in the area. They serve up delicious rotis that are always fresh. Be prepared to wait if you come during busy hours, but it’s worth it so go ahead and call your order in!

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