The 8 Best Dog Parks in Toronto [2022]

Toronto is a city full of dog lovers, and with so many dog parks to choose from, it can be hard to know where to take your furry friend for a good time.  Fortunately, Toronto has some of the greatest dog parks to take your dog out for some much-needed exercise.

The dog parks on this list will quickly become your go-to spot to take let your dog run off-leash and socialize in a safe area with beautiful surroundings.

So, where are the greatest places for your pets to get some exercise? Look no further than our list of the top 8 dog parks in Toronto!


How We Chose The Best Dog Park in the City

We picked the best dog parks in Toronto based on their popularity and the diversity of areas they offer to let your dogs off-leash.
  • Ease of Navigation: If you’re going through a trail with your furry companion, we chose places with excellent signage and clear directions. Since it may be confusing if you don’t have navigation experience or a detailed map, it can be used as a reference point to prevent getting lost.
  • Size: We chose areas that are specific for dogs only and reasonable space for your dog to run off-leash and fences. 
  • Visitors Reviews: We ensured the visitors had a great time at the dog parks where the parks were convenient for long dog walks, both on and off-leash. Also, having enough freedom for their dogs to roam around!

The 8 Best Dog Parks in Toronto

1. High Park

High Park

This park is not just known for its beautiful cherry trees. You’ll find a free leash dog area between Grenadier Restaurant and High Park Zoo. The trails are a scenic place to explore with your pet. 

There are a lot of natural and paved trails to walk through. This is an 8.5-acre space that gives a wide area for your pet to roam around and socialize with other dogs. 

You don’t need a membership to use the space just make sure to bring a valid dog licence and plastic bags to pick up after your pet.

Park Information:

Address: 1873 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6R 2Z3
Phone: (416)-338-0338

Visitor Review Highlights:

“Great spot to take the dogs walking off leash, have a picnic, go to the zoo, ride the train, go for a run, or bike ride. Fantastic park, it is a real size park, with beautiful paths, gardens and water features. I highly recommend it!”
“A Great all year-round Park in the city for different outdoor sports with many hiking trails and one of the largest leash free parks in Southern Ontario....a must see!”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Open 24 hours Difficult parking spots
Dog park
Free parking 

2. Cherry Beach Dog Park

Cherry Beach Dog Park
Google/Veronica C

If you’re looking for a change in scenery why not try Cherry Beach? This area is fenced off on all three sides making it a safe place to take your rambunctious pet. 

Cherry Beach has always been a popular spot for dogs to make some new friends. Plus the numerous food trucks in the area make it easy to get something to eat if you’re feeling peckish as well.

With one of the largest lakefront, it is a treat for any dog who loves to play in the water. A perfect place to sunbathe and play with your dogs!

Park Information:

Address: 1 Cherry St, Toronto, ON M5A 0B7
Phone: N/A

Visitors Review Highlights:

“I love the dog walking community here. I help friends with their group walks and always enjoy my time.”
“Visited the off leash with my 2 year old doberman. Many people there on a cold day and at least 6 dog walkers who all had control over their packs. Beautiful views of the islands and a great spot for your dog to eat in the water.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
The park features a dog off-leash area Can be busy during peak time in the day
Blue flag beach
Great scenic views!

3. Beltline Trail

Beltline Trail
Google Photos/Trevor Heywood

The Beltline trail is a popular trail that runs along an old railway line. It is a fun place to get lost in with your pet. 

Although not all of it is off-leash this 9-kilometre trail is almost exclusively car-free. This trail will lead you on scene bridges, colourful tunnels and a beautiful canopy. 

Explore the trail with your curious dog and make some fun memories. You might end up seeing some deer, rabbits and birds along the way. Plus you can make a stop at Forest Hill Road Dog Park to let your dog play off-leash.

Park Information:

Address: Beltline Trail, Toronto, ON M4T 2A4
Phone: (416) 392-1033

Visitors Review Highlights:

“Very nice trail. Long walk alongside a ravine. The walk itself is accessible for bikers and Walkers. Definitely a nice walk for couples and to walk your dog.”
“Beautiful trail, one of my favourite places to go for a walk with my dog in the city.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Great trail puts your dog off leash! Recommended not to walk your dog on bad weather days as it can be slippery.
Open 24 hours!

4. Etobicoke Valley Park

Etobicoke Valley Park

This wonderful dog park runs along a creek to a forested area. This park has one of the largest off-leash areas. Also, open from 8am to 11pm.

There is so much choice which makes it all the more fun to take your dog out here to play. Unlike the abundance of manicured dog parks, this is an opportunity to let them explore someplace more natural.

The charm of this park is the variety of options. Does your pet want to splash in the water, do they want to explore the trails, look for some wildlife or just play ball with their owner?

Park Information:

Address:  615 Horner Ave, Toronto, ON M8W 4S3
Phone: (416) 393-4636

Visitors Review Highlights:

“Great place to walk you dog with the family”
“One of the nicest parks near this area.. love bringing the pup here”

Pros & Cons



Great area to walk your dog and off leash

Can get busy during peak hours

5. Sir Casimir Gzowski Dog Park

Sir Casimir Gzowski Dog Park
Google/Jon Lazenby

Sir Casimir Gzowski is named after a famous railway engineer, this dog park is a wonderful place to visit for those interested in history and a place to let their pet play off-leash. This park is open from 7am to 10pm.

This fenced park is mostly covered in sand, which could make it a different terrain for your pet to explore. This popular park has a gorgeous lakefront view to pass the time on as well as a monument built in the 1960s with the personal history of the railway engineer. 

It is a great place to visit for both owner and pet. But you will need to bring your own water bottle for your dog.

Park Information:

Address: 2001 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, ON M6S 5B5
Phone: N/A

Visitors Review Highlights:

“Lovely big dog park close to the city and right by the lake.”
“Safest place for our dogs”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Nice spacious area to walk your dog! During the afternoon several dog walkers bring large packs of dogs that might not be friendly to outsider dogs, so beware. If your dog is nervous, they can have a hard time.

6. Trinity Bellwoods

Trinity Bellwoods
Google/Bob Whalen

The Trinity Bellwoods dog bowl is a great place to look after your pet. Not only do the surrounding hills provide a natural fence to keep your dog from wandering off but also plenty of space to play with them. 

The park is located just west of Bathhurst and is a popular spot for many dog owners who want a dog park.

If you get tired you can walk up the hill to take a break while easily keeping an eye on your pet. And when your day is done try visiting one of the many cafes in the area.

Park Information:

Address: 790 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1G3
Phone: (416) 338-2614
Website: N/A

Visitors Review Highlights:

“Have a dog? Want to pet a dog? There is an excellent sunken off leash area aptly named the Dog Bowl in the middle of the park. Also the last rays of sunshine each day can be soaked in on the west bank of the Dog Bowl.”
“Great spot to soak up sun, people watch, and hang with friends. A great dog bowl too for off leash running around. Cherry blossoms pop up shortly when in season and attract many photographers.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
There is a large dog bowl to have your dogs off leash! The dog bowl park can get muddy or sandy depending on the season.
Open 24 hours

7. Stanley Park

Stanley Park
Google Photos/Sean McNulty

Stanley Park is one of the best places to take a pet if you have a smaller dog. Located in Liberty Village, this park doesn’t get as wild as other parks so it is a safer option if you’re worried about your dog. 

It is a great place to let your dog run in the fenced-off area while you rest on the grass. Sunday morning might be the best time to visit if you’re looking to avoid a crowd and it gives you more alone time to spend with your pet. Stanley Park is easy to get to and a welcoming place for your dog to visit.

Park Information:

Address: 890 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1P2
Phone: (416) 338-4386

Visitors Review Highlights:

“Quite a busy park - between the dogs off leash bit, the pool and the ball diamonds this park has pretty much everything you need for a relaxing day off.”
“Nice park with off leash dog park, tennis & basketball courts, public pool, baseball diamonds and large playground with wading pool.”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Open 24 hours  Some dogs can accidently come outside the off-leash area and few can get aggressive when approaching children.
Nice spacious off leash area for your pet to run!

8. Cedarvale Park

Cedarvale Park
Google/Hatem Zawdeh

Cedarvale Park is an off-leash adventure for dogs of all sizes and is quite popular for good reason, since it is located on the northern end of a picturesque Cedarvale ravine. 

The fenced-in area is large, with a nice hill for a ball to be thrown up. If you or your dog is thirsty, there is place where you can get water. To keep muck at bay, much of it is coated in pounded down bark pieces.

Also, there’s a  large sloping wide open field, which some owners prefer for much smaller dogs. Plus it’s a fantastic workout!

Park Information:

Address: 443 Arlington Ave, York, ON M6C 3A2
Phone: (416) 392-2489

Visitors Review Highlights:

“One of the best dog parks in the city. Nicely maintained. Owners here are also very good and know their dogs.”
“Absolutely stunning dog park! There's so much room for our furry fam to run and explore. Of course the snow makes it look like a winter wonderland!”

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Open 24 hours  It can get quite busy during peak hours and sometimes there could be a group of dogs which can maybe make your dog nervous.
Great spacious area for off-leash!

FAQs About Dog Parks

Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times. Dog owners are only authorised to let their dogs run free in specific off-leash areas across the city. It is critical that dog owners keep their dogs on leash at all times so that parks and beaches remain safe and enjoyable for everyone.
The law in Ontario regarding dog bites is quite clear—dog owners who harm another person will be held severely accountable for the damages and must pay fair and reasonable compensation.
A 30- to 60-minute visit should provide enough time for your dog to run around and play without becoming overtired.
The easiest approach to break up a fight is to hold each dog’s hind legs and lift them off the ground like a wheelbarrow, then walk backwards. If you’re the only one there, do this to the dog who’s leading the assault; the other dog will ultimately try to flee.


If you’re looking for a great place to take your furry friend, check out one of Toronto’s best dog parks. All of these parks offer plenty of space for dogs to run and play, as well as features like water fountains, waste disposal stations, and benches for weary pet parents. So grab your leash and head on out – your four-legged friend will thank you!

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