Bolt Fresh Bar

Photo by: Bolt Fresh Bar (@boltfreshbar)

Address: 1170 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1J5 
Phone: +14165888103
Instagram: Bolt Fresh Bar (@boltfreshbar)  

Located close to the Little Portugal area is Bolt Fresh Bar, specializing in grain bowls, various salad bowls, and fresh juices. The storefront is painted in a vibrant mint green that is difficult to overlook as you walk by. They also provide chairs outside the shop where you can wait while sitting if there is a line, which is excellent for social distancing during this pandemic or to simply relax and enjoy their nutritious cold drinks while enjoying the summer weather.
Bolt Fresh Bar also boasts a pleasant and welcoming interior where they offer fresh and healthy alternatives that are both tasty and nourishing. Here you can try their “POWER PLANT” smoothie, which is prepared with all nutritious fruits and vegetables, including coconut water, spinach, kale, cucumber and spirulina, for just $10.21. The shop also offers cold-pressed green juice alternatives from Elxr Juice Lab, where you can pick up fresh and cooled beverages packed with vitamins that will help you reduce inflammation, cleanse your body, and boost hydration.
Stop by Bolt Fresh Bar, one of Toronto’s popular hangouts, for healthy, organic food and drink needs, all of which are created with love and care.

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